Day: November 1, 2021

When kids open restaurants for their parents

Opening an Afro-Mexican restaurant was a longtime — and elusive — dream for Maria Elena Lorenzo. She wanted to serve pozole verde and banana-leaf-wrapped tamales, dishes from her birthplace in the Costa Chica region of Mexico.

Last year, her six children opened Tamales Elena y Antojitos, a bricks-and-mortar space in Bell Gardens, for her and her husband, Juan Irra.

“My daughters can show what they’ve learned from me about food, cooking, and my recipes,” Lorenzo, 58, said in Spanish. “I feel really accomplished and fulfilled.”

Their story of becoming restaurateurs, a path paved by their adult children, is echoed across

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Ha:l squash, membrillos, Quitobaquito figs: Mission Garden’s guide to seasonal produce in Tucson | eat

There are few places as undeniably Tucson as Mission Garden. The plants that grow here, that have been cultivated to grow here, that thrive here, are the most distinctive features of our own setting, yet can be the easiest to overlook.

A leading objective of Mission Garden is to keep history alive in the heritage crops of every community that has thrived here, from the Hohokam to Chinese immigrants in the 19th century through today. But when you spend time at Mission Garden, you will viscerally react against the word “preserve”: preservation can conjure images of organs suspended in formaldehyde,

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