The stories behind the health award

By Assunta Ng
Northwest Asian Weekly

More than 2,900 U.S. health care workers have died due to COVID-19 since last March, and 65% of them are people of color, according to The Guardian.

There are 387,901 cases of COVID-19 among healthcare personnel, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Health care workers have paid a steep price to fight COVID on the front lines. Many are exhausted, working double shifts each day. Everywhere, there is a shortage of COVID doctors and nurses. How are these workers going to endure this long, challenging battle against the relentless COVID in the

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Dad sparks heated debate with ‘ridiculous’ ranking of the ‘best’ international cuisines

An outspoken father has sparked a furious debate after ranking international cuisines from best to worst, describing Mexican food as ‘cat vomit’ and Italian for ‘plebs’.

Bruno Bouchet, from Sydney, shared his ‘definitive’ rankings of 17 cuisines from all around the world, with France, Vietnam and Japan taking out the top spots, while popular dishes from India, Italy and Mexico languish at the bottom of the scale.

‘The 100 per cent accurate international cuisine power rankings. Don’t bother commenting, this isn’t up for discussion,’ the self-proclaimed ‘list king’ wrote on Instagram.

An outspoken father has sparked a furious debate after

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Every state’s top Chinese restaurant

Microsoft and partners

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