Month: December 2021

18 Brockton-area restaurants where you can get your Chinese food fix on New Year’s Eve

BROCKTON — If you’re one of those people who thinks it just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without Chinese food, you are not alone.

And you’ve got plenty of tasty options in the Brockton area.

Lisa Wong, owner and manager of the Maui Restaurant in Brockton, said she expects the restaurant to do five to six times more orders on Dec. 31 than on a regular day.

“We’ll do in one day what we do in a week,” she said.

Wong said she doesn’t know how the tradition of eating Chinese food on New Year’s Eve started, but she’s glad

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Cooking up food and identity in Pailin Chongchitnant’s “Hot Thai Kitchen”

For more than 12 years, Pailin Chongchitnant has hosted the YouTube cooking show Hot Thai Kitchen. Chongchitnant’s recipes (of which there are hundreds, free to access online) aim to offer a deeper understanding of the steps and the ingredients that make Thai cuisine so distinct. They also highlight the cultural background of each dish; from steaming bowls of tom kha gai to crispy coconut corn fritters, Chongchitnant weaves stories from her own life and childhood into each video. (My personal favorite is her recipe for instant pot massaman curry; the freshly toasted warm spices and rich curry

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5 Chinese New Year restaurant deliveries to ring in the bold year of the Tiger

SINGAPORE — And just like that, it’s time to bring out the prosperous red deco, gold ingots, bust out everyone’s favourite He Xin Nian jam, and usher in the year of the tiger. It’s been said that people born in the year of the Tiger are bold, ambitious, adventurous, restless and a tad reckless—but in a good way, I’m sure. After the tumultuous year we’ve had, who can blame anyone for being anything but slightly reckless in the face of lockdowns, cancelled VTLs, and booster jabs. Still, the show (and the year) must go on. There are reunion dinners to

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Hana Bistro pivots to mobile eatery after restaurant closes | Edina

Hana Bistro, the Pan-Asian restaurant that permanently closed at 50th & France this summer, is making a return – but this time, it will do business on the go.

For its next chapter, the eatery it will operate a food truck in and around Edina and Minneapolis in addition to providing private dinner parties. The choice to shift to the new model came after the restaurant experienced over a year of difficulty with the pandemic, said Stephanie Lan, who runs the restaurant with her husband, Ben Lan.

“It’s fun and exciting,” she said. “It will be enjoyable for the customers

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