Month: September 2021

Every New Michelin Star Awarded to U.S. Restaurants in 2021

The Michelin Guide, the vaunted star-bestowing restaurant list assembled by a tire company, completed its reveal of its 2021 guides across the United States in September. While many reviewers have foresworn star ratings at restaurants still reckoning with the effects of the pandemic, Michelin had no such compunctions this year, releasing the guides for the first time since 2019 on a dining world that remains undeniably changed.

How does that translate into the dining landscapes of major cities in the U.S.? True to form, the theme of the 2021 Michelin guide selections stuck to mostly Eurocentric and Japanese selections, leaving

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Great food options to try around the new Northgate and Roosevelt light-rail stations

The three new light-rail stations opening this weekend in Northgate, Roosevelt and the University District will change the way many people living in North Seattle will move around the city. And let’s be honest, though we’d love to have the time for weeknight excursions to our favorite restaurants around Seattle, most of the time, we just stick to what’s convenient: the spots near where we live or on our commutes.

With many of us in North Seattle likely passing through these stations on our new routes through the city, we will need to find new places to eat nearby.

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Cows are no longer essential for meat and milk

IT’S LUNCHTIME in El Segundo, a small coastal town in Los Angeles County, around 130km west of where the McDonald brothers opened their first burger stand in 1948. Burgers are on the menu today. They come three to a tray, glistening in their brioche buns, piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a creamsicle-orange sauce that tastes like mayonnaise-mellowed ketchup. Alongside them are other greatest hits from American fast-food menus: sausages nestled into long hot-dog buns with sautéed bell peppers and onions; sausage patties on flat English muffins; deep-fried chunks of white meat that look and

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Colorado Springs bartenders compete for bragging rights | Arts & Entertainment

The Colorado Springs Bartenders’ Guild held its fourth Summer Soiree Sept. 12 at Homa Café and Bar in the Kinship Landing patio. This year, the bartenders’ competition was added to the event. Eight local drink mixologists shook and stirred cocktails, using mystery ingredients to earn bragging rights. In three rounds of eliminations, the last two barkeeps standing were Zak Popovich, formerly a bartender at Red Gravy, who was named the winner, and Bethany “Birdie” Royalty, general manager at Good Neighbors Meeting House, who took second-place honors.

Colorado Springs area gets new chef who does small private dinners

Winning wings and

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