Month: March 2021

Help! Every restaurant is booked up and I blame Millennials

Here’s a kitchen confession I think it’s time to make. Before lockdown last year I had never used a food delivery app. Not even once.

I was so clueless that when I saw the TV adverts with all the different bags of Chinese, Indian and Italian food being delivered, I genuinely thought you could order them all at once and they would be brought together. I know, right?

Fast forward a year of getting heartily bored of my own cooking and I am, if not quite fluent in JustEat, at least capable of finding my way round an online menu.

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From Norwegian salmon to basketball, a brief history of China’s patriotic consumer boycotts

A fan carries a Chinese national flag during an NBA Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets game in Shenzhen, China on October 12, 2019.

A fan carries a Chinese national flag during an NBA Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets game in Shenzhen, China on October 12, 2019.

In China, the fate of a foreign company can change overnight.

Brands including H&M, Nike, and Zara are learning this lesson the hard way, as they face consumer boycotts for comments they have made expressing concern over the use of forced labor in Xinjiang, or pledges not to use cotton from there. And despite their flip-flops, and efforts to tell one story to Western consumers and another to Chinese ones, the backlash is only

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THE TEN BEST Eating places With Out of doors Seating In Malang

The World’s Greatest 50 Eating places is a list produced by UK media company William Reed Enterprise Media , which originally appeared within the British journal Restaurant , primarily based on a ballot of worldwide chefs , restaurateurs , gourmands and restaurant critics Along with the principle ranking, the organisation awards a series of particular prizes for individuals and eating places, together with the One To Watch award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Chefs’ Selection Award, the latter based on votes from the fifty head cooks from the eating places on the earlier yr’s list. This is an okay … Read More

Best Food Trucks In Omaha

One of the greatest joys is finding a food truck that speaks to your soul. In Omaha, there have been incredible mobile eateries that have come and gone, each one filling our hearts and stomachs, and the city continues to see more food trucks open shop each year.&

The best part about all this meals-on-wheels business is that almost every food truck in the city has become a staple to their valued customers. It makes choosing the best of the best difficult; however, some food trucks scream “eat here” – and so, a tried-and-true list of ten awaits you below.

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