July 17, 2024


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Best Food Trucks In Omaha

One of the greatest joys is finding a food truck that speaks to your soul. In Omaha, there have been incredible mobile eateries that have come and gone, each one filling our hearts and stomachs, and the city continues to see more food trucks open shop each year.&

The best part about all this meals-on-wheels business is that almost every food truck in the city has become a staple to their valued customers. It makes choosing the best of the best difficult; however, some food trucks scream “eat here” – and so, a tried-and-true list of ten awaits you below.

The instantly-recognizable red, British-inspired food truck can be found at Trucks & Taps, where visitors can enjoy different food trucks and beer on tap from a cozy patio. Photo credit: Facebook page

The Dire Lion & Chippy

  • 5402 S 108th St(usually)
  • Schedule varies

If you’re from the UK or simply have a soft spot for great, English-styled food, you can’t go wrong ordering from The Dire Lion Grille & Chippy. This food truck features affordable pricing for warm delicacies that will make your day-in-the-life substantially more pleasant, thanks to great menu selections ranging from fish and chips to Tikka Masala.

You can view their entire menu online and know what you want to chow down on by the time you show up to their favorite home base, Trucks & Taps. But you must check out their monthly schedule online to ensure The Dire Lion’s truck will be there that day –  and if so, then your day just got infinitely better; and if not, then your date with Omaha’s premier British flavored food truck – including, perhaps, a personalized food challenge – will become something to look forward to on your calendar.

La Casa’s Pizzaria Food Truck sports the Old World’s red, white, and green – as well as Omaha’s favorite mustached mandolin player, Peppi. Photo: Facebook page

La Casa Pizzaria Food Truck

  • Location varies
  • 11 am – 9 pm (10 pm Fri-Sat.)
  • 402-556-6464

La Casa Pizza has been a source of great, Omaha pizza and fine, Italian dining since the ‘50s – proven, for one, by its inclusion on several Best of the Big O lists. And whether you’re a longtime fan or simply someone who has somehow never eaten there, now you can experience that classic pizza magic on the go, thanks to La Casa’s food truck.

The La Casa Pizzaria Food Truck opened its windows for service in 2014. Ever since, they have served restaurant-quality food – including restaurant favorites and specialty items that can only be enjoyed via the truck.

If you want to schedule your event with this fan-favorite truck, you can contact La Casa Pizzaria for more information. And if you simply want to visit the food truck as it makes its way around the Omaha area, you can follow their food truck’s Facebook page or call for more information.

One Taqueria El Rey Food Truck waits to grace Omaha with some excellent, mobile Mexican food. Photo credit: Webpage

Taqueria El Rey Food Truck

  • 30th and Leavenworth (402-813-1900)
  • Saddle Creek and Cummings Street (402-980-5850)
  • Schedule varies

If you find that you are in the mood for some fantastic tortas and horchatas at regular intervals, then you have either already secured your go-to Mexican food truck or restaurant by now, or you are frantically searching for that special food truck to call “home.”  Fortunately, and either way, a Taqueria El Rey food truck could be just what you didn’t know you needed in an often-hectic sea of local delivery options.

With two food trucks in Omaha, Taqueria El Rey first opened its doors – and thereby the gates to its heavenly food – in Lincoln, NE in 2008, and has never looked back. Today, from excellent service to portion size and pricing, Taqueria El Rey Food Trucks consistently offers some of the best Omaha cuisines on-the-fly. And both loyal customers and curious visitors can expect to sink their teeth in that level of quality each time they visit one of these two magic food trucks at either 30th and Leavenworth or Saddle Creek and Cuming.  

The Wonton Jon’s mascot throws up a peace sign, possibly as a result of craft wontons. Photo credit: Facebook page

Wonton Jon’s

  • Location TBA
  • Wed-Sun 8 am – 2 pm
  • 402-590-0245

Here is another change that will affect Omaha’s dining life: Wonton Jon’s is leaving Trucks & Taps as a commissary and will have moved to a new home by April 1st. But the truck’s dedication to delicious foods and fond eating memories will remain as flavorful as ever – just as customers have come to expect and cherish from such a talented and niche eatery.

With a name like Wonton Jon’s, you can expect craft wontons, for sure. But you can also look forward to an experience punctuated by a motivated, fresh approach to both Chinese and American styled meals and sides.  

You can stay up to date about their location, obtain wontons, and get to know more about the philosophy driving the Wonton Jon’s Food Truck to awesomeness by visiting both their website and Facebook page. Plus, if you’re looking for a great food truck to book for your event, they can make that awesome, too; do this online or by calling.

A Taste of New Orleans is ready to serve up some authentic New Orleans-styled food. Photo credit: Facebook page

A Taste of New Orleans

  • Schedule varies
  • Featured (sometimes) at Ted & Wally’s (1120 Jackson St)
  • 402-709-1012

If you cannot transport instantaneously to New Orleans, well, the next best thing might be right around the corner. A Taste of New Orleans offers authentic Cajun and Creole food that will leave you truly satisfied and unsure if you’re in Nebraska or Louisiana. In this case, you must observe the lack/presence of gators in city parks – in addition to piano bar music flooding the streets – and make your best guess!

Interested customers can call or visit the A Taste of New Orleans Facebook page for updates on the food truck’s schedule, as well as for their schedule at Ted & Wally’s (60th and Maple location) if you’re seeking the divine combination of, say, jambalaya and cookie dough. And the menu, including options for catering, can be visited on the website; do this and prepare your mind for a mouthful of New Orleans and Omaha greatness!

With a slogan like “taste the tradition,” you can be sure to bite into a living legacy each time you visit the StreetSide food truck. Photo credit: Facebook page

StreetSide Foods

  • Schedule and location varies
  • 402-305-4888

If you’re on the lookout for some impeccable and swiftly made Italian American food in the Omaha area, then be on the lookout for StreetSide Foods’ premiere and roaming food truck. Since 2007, this restaurant on wheels has amazed hungry locals with their touch on dishes like the Alfredo Burger and the classic Philly Cheese Steak; that culinary touch has been refined by four generations of excellence in the food industry.

You can keep up with the scheduling operations of this family-owned and operated food business, dear reader, by visiting the StreetSide Foods Facebook page; and you can take note of their menu specials and promotions by visiting their website. Additionally, if you require catering services for your event, that can be arranged (if you live within a 100-mile radius of Omaha) by contacting the business online, or by calling for more details.

No wonder folks call this “the taco truck.” Photo credit: Facebook page

Dos De Oros

  • 3310 South 24th Street
  • Schedule varies
  • 402-321-2490

Throughout uncertain times, people cling to the riches of the heart, like great dishes that bring everyone together. One such goldmine has been there for taco lovers and food truck enthusiasts alike living in Omaha – Dos De Oros. Here, they have all the favorites one would expect from an establishment commonly referred to as “The Taco Truck,” including bold burritos and timeless tortas.

There is an amazing pool of restaurants in Omaha and in South Omaha specifically. However, the excellent service provided by Dos De Oros is on par with the greatest food trucks in the Midwest, with something for tame and spicy eaters alike – and it has created a solid base of loyal customers who look forward to the inspired portions.

You can usually find Dos De Oros in the O’Reilly’s parking lot (3310 S. 24th St.), and its location make it yet another staple of the South Omaha cuisine scene. But you can also call for specific schedule and menu information.

An intriguing design adorns The Cheese Life’s ingenious eatery concept. Photo Credit: Facebook page

The Cheese Life

  • Schedule and location varies
  • 402-319-6919

Some folks can’t believe it’s not butter; others stringently consider themselves “all about that cheese life,” perhaps “cheese deviants.” And if you should consider yourself as such, then you must know everything there is to love about Omaha’s best-and-cheesiest food truck, The Cheese Life.

Here is a mobile eating establishment that knows how to incorporate the “grilled cheese” concept into multiple creative dishes, served to perfection for your convenient eating pleasure. The service is great, and the portion sizes are more than respectable – plus, their kid’s menu rocks.

The Cheese Life often teams up with excellent local breweries, so you can quench both your thirst and your hunger in a most extravagant way. If you have questions, call – additionally, you can follow The Cheese Life on Facebook to find out more about their awesome, cheesy menu and where their food truck will be next.

This blue truck means business. Photo credit: Facebook page

Isla Del Mar

  • One truck @ 5101 S 36th St; the other truck’s location varies
  • 11 am – 9 pm
  • 402-213-5723

At the intersection of Mexican food and seafood is Isla Del Mar – a fantastic restaurant that opened in 2020 and instantly became a Best Of Omaha award recipient. It is easily one of the best places to find either Mexican food or seafood in Omaha.

And that’s saying a lot given the quantity and quality of eateries in this city, both of which reflect the passionate, synergistic relationship Omaha shares between food and community. But Isla Del Mar meets those expectations and then some!

One bluish-colored Isla Del Mar food trailer (see above) can be found outside the restaurant’s physical location; another can be found roaming the streets of Omaha, likely somewhere down L Street, where the truck has oscillated between 64th street and more recently 24th street. For more information about menu items and updated secondary food truck locations, do not hesitate to call.

With both a drive-thru and an emblazoned food truck, nothing can stop 402 BBQ from serving up some great barbecue in the 402. Found on Facebook page

402 BBQ

  • 3027 S 84 St
  • 11 am – 4 pm, Mon-Sat
  • 402-618-1278

Now, this is a food truck that wants you to proudly wear their food on your face! 402 BBQ has been serving up some mind-blowing comfort food since 2014 – and given their two first-place awards in 2018 and 2019 from Omaha Magazine’s Best of Omaha series, it’s clear that Omaha agrees emphatically.

From handcrafted sauces to perfectly smoked, quality meats, this food truck is for those looking for barbecue bliss. What’s more, 402 BBQ makes an incredibly strong argument for Omaha’s presence in the national conversation of the best barbecue, along sides such cities as Kansas City, MO, and the great state of Texas.  

402 BBQ offers a dynamic list of catering services, perfect for small gatherings or huge functions, and this can be arranged by calling or reaching out online. Otherwise, stop by at the S 84th location any day between Monday and Saturday to be instantly transported to barbecue heaven.