December 2, 2023


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“Hopefully it’ll only be about a week,” she said. “We’ll get a couple teams in here and hopefully get it knocked out and get it done in about a week.”

Lara-Juarez said she hopes the restaurant can do a lot in the near future. Partly due to a lack of staff, they had to cut down on delivery and catering in the last few months. She can still make large orders for takeout, but rarely has the time or manpower to go out and cater full events.

“We want to get back to it really bad,” Lara-Juarez said, “but we just don’t have the staff.”

Another reason for the lack of delivery is a lack of delivery materials. The likes of takeout boxes and soup bowls have grown scarce recently.

“I’ve even looked on the internet and right now everyone’s running out of soup bowls,” Lara-Juarez said. She attributes this to more people ordering takeout nationwide, perhaps because grocery prices are increasing.

Even without delivery and catering, they have been able to provide food for quite a few large events. From business meetings to employee appreciation meals, they still have large orders come through. And those are just the ones which aren’t donated.

Rosi’s donates meals for church meetings and supplies chopsticks and fortune cookies to school events free of charge. “Anything we can do for the community, we always do it,” Lara-Juarez said.