July 23, 2024


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Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 39, Breaks Down All Of Her Favorite Foods On Instagram

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 39, revealed a laundry list of her favorite foods in a new Instagram Story.

  • She sat down with her followers for a question-and-answer session on her latest lunch break.

  • Priyanka says she always chooses savory over sweet, and adds that she loves ordering Asian dishes off of a room service menu.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is sharing her love of food with her 71 million followers over on Instagram. The Matrix Resurrections star, 39, hosted a question-and-answer session during her lunch break while opening up about some of her favorite meals to indulge in.

Priyanka answered so many Qs on her Instagram Story—all while diving into a delicious-looking plate of biryani, a plate of meat and rice that’s heavy on fragrant Indian spices, per Delish. From her favorite drunk foods to her ideal room service order, she broke it all down.

Photo credit: priyankachopra Instagram

Photo credit: priyankachopra Instagram

For starters, Priyanka explains that she would always prefer ordering room service over grabbing take-out (TBH, who wouldn’t?). Her favorite meal to order is anything on the menu that’s Asian, like Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean dishes. “That’s my world of safe spots,” she says.

On late nights out, Priyanka says that her favorite drunk food is “anything with bread,” like burgers, pizzas, dosas (a pancake, almost like a crepe, made from a black lentil and fermented rice batter, per WH), rotis (Indian flatbread), or an omelet with toast on the side. She also adds that you can’t go wrong with some Taco Bell or Chick-fil-A.

The next morning, The White Tiger star isn’t really an early riser—her perfect day includes waking up late and digging into breakfast in bed with her dogs around noon.

And, as far as her cravings go, Priyanka doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. When asked whether she’d choose sweet or savory, she says “savory, all day, any day.” “I’m not a dessert girl,” she adds. “I don’t like chocolates or sweet stuff.” (Brief pause to let that sink in.)

Then, in the middle of the Q&A, Priyanka takes a break from food questions to share her latest hobby: hiking. “Who would’ve thought? Me, and walking. But I like it,” she shares. That lines up with her reputation for being a cardio queen in the gym.

After another question about shoes (lately, it’s flats over heels for the actress), the Quantico star wraps up her biryani and waves goodbye. TBH, now I’m kind of craving take-out…

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