June 15, 2024


World's finest Food

BEST OF: Food Truck – Elon News Network

Since 2015, Chirba Chirba Dumpling, voted “Best Food Truck,” has served the Elon community in their yellow food truck, cooking authentic Chinese-style dumplings.

The company was founded by a group of friends in college that made authentic dumplings and tested out their own Chinese recipes together. When the food truck craze hit about 10 years ago, they took the recipes they had been working on and decided to make a franchise out of it. 

Owner Nate Adams said he and his friends officially went into business in 2011, but slowly each one started to move past working on the truck. 

“I kind of stuck in restaurants after graduating so I maintain it. I bought out their shares, so currently I’m the sole owner, and I’ve been running it myself for I guess seven years now,” Adams said. 

Chirba Chirba offers a variety of dumplings, from juicy pork buns to their signature chicken minis. They also offer an array of dipping sauces — traditional Black Vinegar, Chirba Spicy and Pineapple Curry. 

Sophomore Brianna Boucher said she eats at the food truck whenever they visit Elon’s campus. 

“Chirba Chirba gives me the satisfaction for my dumpling cravings every time, and I like that the menu can change with every visit,” Boucher said. “I’m always able to try a new dumpling I haven’t before or get my personal favorites.” 

Adams said he wants Elon students to remember that food is one of the best ways to become educated on other cultures, and Chirba Chirba Dumplings does this well. 

“I personally feel that food and eating together is one of the biggest ways to experience another culture and connect with another culture,” Adams said. “One of the main philosophical pillars of Chriba was to sort of open doors to people, especially in the South, who maybe have never tried dumplings.”