February 21, 2024


World's finest Food

Teriyaki Madness brings fresh fast-food to Weld County

Finding fast food is easy. Finding fresh, healthy fast-food, well, that can be a whole other story.

If you do find a healthy option, the wilted lettuce in the salad or dried piece of grilled chicken on the enormous bun are good signs that these items weren’t made to order.

That’s where the new Teriyaki Madness is different.

The new northern Colorado location at 4944 Thompson Parkway in Johnstown was brought to the area by husband-and-wife duo Michael and Shavonn Janes. The restaurant officially fired up its woks Jan. 27 to a rave reception so far.

“We’ve had tremendous support from our franchise family and everybody,” co-owner Michael Janes said. “This first week was really, really busy.”

The Asian-inspired fast-food chain touts its use of all-natural proteins like chicken, salmon and steak combined with fresh vegetables, fluffy rice or tender noodles — all made to order.

“We don’t do heat lamps,” Michael Janes said. “It’s all made to order fresh.”

Michael and Shavonn Janes are expanding their Teriyaki Madness franchise empire to Greeley in late April. The duo are also considering a location in Colorado Springs. (Photo courtesy Marisssa Raimonde)

Customers of Teriyaki Madness have the option of filling their bowls with their choice of protein, rice or noodles and steamed or stir-fried vegetables.

Flavor varieties include spicy chicken or tofu, orange chicken and teriyaki flavored steak, salmon or chicken.

There is also an option of chicken katsu, a chicken thigh breaded in Panko breadcrumbs and light fried and served with house-made katsu sauce.

For those wanting everything mixed together, the Yakisoba Style bowl is the perfect combination of protein, noodle and veggie mix.

The restaurant also sells appetizers such as crab rangoons and chicken potstickers as well as side orders of stir-fried vegetables, sauces and rice.

Teriyaki Madness recently partnered with Grubhub for delivery options as well as pre-order pickup options through the restaurant’s website.

The Janes stumbled upon Teriyaki Madness in Utah when they were on their way home from vacation.

“It tasted so good and clean. The next day both Shavonn and I were wanting more of it,” Michael Janes explained. “The flavor was just so good.”

Teriyaki Madness differs from other Asian-inspired chains like Panda Express and Tokyo Joes in that the bowls are a little more standard with simpler options, Michael Janes said.

“Our flavors are different, as well. Our spicy chicken is definitely one of our number-one sellers,” Shavonn Janes added. “It is very flavorful and everyone that tries it instantly wants more. And that’s exactly what happened to us.”

Teriyaki Madness offers customers freshly cooked bowls with a choice of protein accompanied with an option of white rice, brown rice, fried rice or noodles as well as steamed or stir-fried vegetables. (Photo courtesy Marissa Raimonde)

The duo like the food so much that they are already working on opening a Teriyaki Madness location in Greeley in mid to late April as well as considering a location in Windsor and Colorado Springs.

“We all know everything is about location and I feel really good about these locations,” Shavonn Janes said. “It’s where we do all of our business and where we are involved in the community. So, we are excited about both places.”

The restaurant business is a new venture for the Janes who own their own real estate brokerage, The Janes Group, and custom home company, Solace Custom Homes.

“We are business people so we were considering diversifying a little bit through some other businesses,” Michael Janes said. “We have been considering franchises for a while because we are more business people than restaurant. We needed to team up with a company that kind of had the system down.”

The couple checked out a few different franchise options prior to signing on with Teriyaki Madness, but none really offered what they were looking for.

“The food is really good and you’re going to want to come back,” Michael Janes said. “Everything on the menu is great.”

For more information about Teriyaki Madness, or to place on online order, go to www.teriyakimadness.com.