Fat Choy Brings Chinese Vegan Fare Into a Delicious New Era

a tray of food on a table: Mushroom sloppy joe and a Topo Chico

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Mushroom sloppy joe and a Topo Chico

As the food world continues to mine nostalgia plays to riff on birthday cake, Italian-American fare, Pop Tarts, and other bits of quintessential and sometimes questionable Americana, the loose meat sandwich known as a sloppy joe remains relatively overlooked, at least in its classic carnivorous form. Ambitious restaurants are not bending over backward to put it on menus like they are with yet another hamburger, and no one seems to be making Manwiches, as they’re sometimes atavistically called, with Japanese wagyu or caviar. Then again, it’s quite possible that

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Hsiang K brings an authentic Chinese karaoke experience to Newark | News

In the Park N Shop plaza on South Main Street, between a pizzeria and a laundromat, is Hsiang K, a Chinese karaoke experience. Each room is covered in neon lights, with enough space to dance around and belt out a song in front of an audience of friends while reading lyrics from a flat-screen TV.

Hsiang K owner Xipeng “Jason” Chen met his two co-owners, Haocheng Li and Hongjie Jin, while attending the University of Delaware. They realized that no karaoke bars similar to the ones they went to in China existed in the Newark area. Hsiang K means “missing

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Open for Business: Indian Wok brings Indo-Chinese food to Walkersville | Retail

Diya Rajbhandari and husband Suman Pradhan lived in Frederick for eight years, during which they opened Delhi-6 Indian Cuisine on Buckeystown Pike. After moving to Bethesda and opening another restaurant two years ago, the couple is now back in Frederick County and opened a new takeout restaurant in Walkersville: Indian Wok.

Rajbhandari said the idea behind Indian Wok was to provide takeout service that was affordable for families and used fresh ingredients. In order to ensure lower prices, the owners lowered their overhead by renting a small spot in Walkersville and keeping their menu focused.

In addition to classic Indian

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Local Eats: Barney’s BBQ in Grass Lake brings simplicity and freshness

GRASS LAKE, MI — Barney’s BBQ is bringing some variety to Grass Lake.

Owners Daniel and Jenni Pratt opened the carry-out-only barbecue joint in August 2020 after closing Barney’s Family Diner in August 2019.

“It’s simpler for us to run and be able to produce high volume compared to what we were doing before,” Daniel Pratt said.

Everything is made from scratch including ketchup, barbecue sauce, buns, sides and all other sauces.

“Simple is really what we wanted to go for,” Daniel Pratt said. “Do a handful of meats and do them as best as we possibly could.”

The restaurant

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