5 Most Controversial Fast-Food Items Ever Created

When fast-food companies get bad press, it’s often due to their own marketing efforts backfiring. Burger King’s tone-deaf International Women’s Day tweet is a striking recent example. The McDonald’s “#McDStories” campaign created the opposite of a feel-good response in a similar fashion when a 2018 Twitter campaign meant to promote McDonald’s farmers prompted the sharing of negative stories about the brand instead. Even Wendy’s once tweeted a dubious Pepe the Frog meme. Putting the proverbial foot in the mouth is practically a tradition with fast-food brands.

Sometimes, however, it’s not the ads but the food itself that causes controversy,

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Teriyaki Madness brings fresh fast-food to Weld County

Finding fast food is easy. Finding fresh, healthy fast-food, well, that can be a whole other story.

If you do find a healthy option, the wilted lettuce in the salad or dried piece of grilled chicken on the enormous bun are good signs that these items weren’t made to order.

That’s where the new Teriyaki Madness is different.

The new northern Colorado location at 4944 Thompson Parkway in Johnstown was brought to the area by husband-and-wife duo Michael and Shavonn Janes. The restaurant officially fired up its woks Jan. 27 to a rave reception so far.

“We’ve had tremendous support

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