June 15, 2024


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Junzi Kitchen Is The Chinese Fast-Casual Restaurant You Need To Try

Prior to this whole quarantine ordeal, you could normally catch me at a fast-casual restaurant a few times a week. From Panera Bread and Cosi to Dos Toros and Chipotle, I’m always in the mood for a quick and tasty meal that won’t break the bank. Living in NYC, that is usually hard to come find. However, I’ve never seen the fast-casual concept come to life for Chinese cuisine until I discovered Junzi Kitchen.

What Is Junzi Kitchen?

Junzi Kitchen, derived from what Chinese philosophy calls pursuit, is dedicated to creating the best authentic Chinese food using healthy and seasonal ingredients. Not only does Junzi Kitchen pride themselves on great food, but on their ability to foster a sense of community where bings and noodles can be enjoyed by everyone.

Chef Lucas Sin, former Yale graduate, is one of the many masterminds behind Junzi Kitchen who spearheads the After Hours menu.

Junzi Kitchen has four locations throughout New York City: Downtown, Bryant Park, Greenwich Village and Morningside Heights. If you find yourself in Connecticut, there’s also one in New Haven, right at the heart of Yale University.

What’s On The New Menu?

As restaurants slowly start to re-open, Junzi Kitchen has revamped their menu in time for summer.

The new menu updates include:

New category: Chilled Noodles

New rice base: Brown Rice

New sauce: Yuzu Soy

New mains: Green Pepper Beef, Chilled Chicken Salad

New vegetable: BBQ summer squash, Cubed Cucumber, Coriander Carrots

New garnish: Crispy shallots

I had the chance to try some of their menu items and here’s a little taste of what you can expect next time you visit!

Tomato Egg Meatball Noodles

Junzi Kitchen
Junzi Kitchen

This dish was probably my favorite one because I loved the noodles and the meatballs. It reminded me of spaghetti and meatballs, but on another level. Made with knife noodles, tomato & egg sauce, lion’s head meatball stir-fried cabbage, pickled red cabbage and cilantro, this dish is perfect for those are on the cusp about trying new foods.

Chilled Yuzu Noodles With Chicken

Junzi Kitchen
Junzi Kitchen

Made with chilled noodles, yuzu soy dressing, chilled chicken salad, cucumber, pickled red cabbage, crispy shallots, and chili oil, this dish tastes refreshing after a day in the sun. When everything is mixed together, the flavor explosion in your mouth is wonderful. You have to try it to see fully experience what I’m saying.

Red Date Tofu Salad

Junzi Kitchen
Junzi Kitchen

I’m going to be honest. I’m not a salad person, but I do like tofu so I decided to give this a try. This salad is made with arcadian harvest lettuce, grilled tofu, coriander carrots, cucumber, millet crisp and red date dressing. If you’re looking for a way to get some protein, but also have some flavor, I’d definitely recommend this.

Final Thoughts

A post shared by junzi (@junzikitchen)
A post shared by junzi (@junzikitchen)

Overall, Junzi Kitchen is a high-quality, fast-casual restaurant that serves authentic food at an ideal price. I can’t say that about most restaurants in NYC, so not only will your taste buds be thanking you, but so will your bank account!

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