La Diva Mexican Kitchen opens, promises “fresh, real” Mexican food

PORT ORANGE – Situated behind a gas station on Ridgewood Avenue, the new La Diva Mexican Kitchen’s goal is to offer one of the freshest Mexican food options in the area.

Chef and owner Jennifer Ruiz Santiago opened La Diva in mid-August after working at the same location at 3790 Ridgewood Ave. with other partners under another name, MexiGo Mexican Grill.

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Pagoda Kitchen bringing ‘homestyle Chinese’ and Peking duck to Delray Beach

Crispy Peking duck, glazed Chinese spare ribs and tender chickens turning on rotisserie spits will be the first eye-popping spectacle to greet diners entering the new Pagoda Kitchen in Delray Beach.

A pair of six-foot-tall vertical rotisseries are the centerpiece of veteran restaurateur Burt Rapoport’s first “home-style Chinese restaurant,” opening this October inside Delray Marketplace. It replaces the former Mediterranean eatery Apeiro and sits next door to Burt & Max’s, Rapoport’s eatery devoted to American comfort food.

Rapoport admits that Pagoda, specializing in Chinese comfort food, is far removed from the Jewish delis (see: the late Rappy’s),

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New Fresno restaurant La Kitchen serves Lao, Thai food

The first thing you need to know about the newly opened La Kitchen in southeast Fresno is how to pronounce it.

Despite the sign with the capitalized letters, this restaurant has nothing to do with Los Angeles. It’s pronounced La Kitchen, as in tra la la.

La is one of the owners’ first names.

La Keomanivong worked for Pelco for more than 20 years. She always cooked on the side, bringing egg rolls to work events and selling party trays of food.

“Everybody (told) me to open a restaurant,” she said. “I never thought about it.”

But when she got

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True Food Kitchen

a la mode – A French word for “in the manner of” or “mode or based on style.” Desserts a la mode are served with ice cream. Meats cooked a la mode are braised with greens and served with gravy.

Very quick, leaves squash pores and skin very clean, and provides you good outcomes. They … Read More