Day: January 7, 2022

At Mexico City’s Cafes Chinos, Chilaquiles and Chop Suey at 2 a.m.

I’m sitting with a giant plate of chop suey beneath the painted gaze of Martin de Porres, the Catholic saint of racial harmony. His solemnity is mocked by the smiling, rosy-cheeked baby dressed for the Chinese New Year who appears on the wall next to him. A busker walks in strumming a mournful Mexican bolero. Outside, Calle del Carmen is overflowing with vendors hawking knock-off designer purses, cheap sunglasses, and sweaters for dogs, while inside, a quiet nostalgia permeates the Cafe Goya, one of the few remaining cafes chinos (Chinese cafes) in Mexico City.

Founded by Chinese immigrants to Mexico

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Lanzhou beef noodle soup at Kungfu Ramen

There was something about the words “Kungfu” and “Ramen” that didn’t track. Chinese martial artists selling Japanese noodle soup? I circled around the parking lot for a closer look at the colorful food photos posted on the front window of the Tempe restaurant. In between xiaolongbao soup dumplings and a chile glazed platter of cumin beef, there was photo after photo of glistening Chinese soups showcasing epic noodle pulls.

“Hand-pulled ramen. Famous chef from D.C.,” the sign outside Kungfu Ramen read. 

A man wearing a white chef’s cap was pictured in front of another restaurant, Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodle, located

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