Day: January 6, 2022

Best restaurants to get soup at in 7 Northeast Ohio counties based on Yelp rankings

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The advent of the modern-day restaurant began with a humble dish: soup.

In the 16th century, the French began using the word “restaurant” to refer to the soup sold by vendors in the streets. This soup was advertised as “restoratif” meaning “to restore.”

But where did soup begin?

Anthropologists have found evidence that the earliest soup dates back to 20,000 BC in Xianrendong Cave China where the ancient pottery showed signs of scorch marks, which suggests that the pot must have been making hot soup.

Scientists agree the ancient soup makers simply dug a hole in

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Five new Coachella Valley eateries to try in 2022 (or sooner)

It seems like a new restaurant opens up every five minutes in the Coachella Valley.

While that’s not always good news for restaurateurs (some new names are fill-ins for shuttered businesses), it’s great news for foodies, gourmets and other hungry humans.

With new restaurants come delicious new choices and new ways to distract yourself from the existential dread of things like new COVID-19 variants and ballooning inflation.

Here are five new local restaurants — from the revival of a recently-deceased Chinese kitchen to a boozy mac and cheese spot.


Luchows in Palm Springs. The restaurant will feature singing and piano performance each Friday in December, including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, according to owner Paul Kakuschky

Luchows in Palm Springs. The restaurant will feature singing and

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Starbucks Hong Kong, OmniFoods partner to launch Chinese New Year Sandwich

Starbucks Hong Kong and OmniFoods have joined forces to launch a festive food item. The two firms are releasing the Omni Golden Fillet Ciabatta Sandwich for their fourth collaborative project.

As per Green Queen, the new sandwich for the new year is being released after the success of their previous food release in November of last year. At that time, Starbucks Hong Kong and OmniFoods have debuted the Thai Style Crab Cake salad.

It was noted that Starbucks has been using OmniFoods products for its stores in the Philippines and Mainland China since 2020. Now, the two are simply

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