Community welcomes back Jahunger, New England’s first Uighur restaurant, after two-year hiatus

The Chinese idiom, 麻雀虽小, 五脏俱全, Má què suī xiǎo, wǔ zàng jù quán, translates to: Despite its small size, a sparrow still has all the vital organs, Jahunger owner and founder Nadia Parhat explained. The traditional saying, she said, shows that despite being small, places like Parhat’s hometown, Urumqi, Xinjiang and the Ocean State that she now lives in, still encompass richness, completeness and convenience.

Jahunger, the Uighur restaurant Parhat co-owns on Wickenden Street in Providence with her husband Dilmurat Subat, also embodies the idiom. Despite its modest size, Jahunger boasts a full range of carefully-crafted, authentic Uighur dishes.

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