New Cafes And Restaurants To Dine At In Singapore In March 2022

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We’re officially deep into quarter one of 2022.

After getting over the whirlwind that is Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, the reality is that 2022 is marching on steadily is really beginning to hit us.  This March, we’re spending our days once again in the full embrace of food, more specifically at all these new restaurants and dining spots that’ve popped up around Singapore.

Besides pricey omakase joints like Taiga Dining for a special occasion, we’re hanging out with our best buds at gram-worthy cafes like Coexist Coffee Co.’s third

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At Mexico City’s Cafes Chinos, Chilaquiles and Chop Suey at 2 a.m.

I’m sitting with a giant plate of chop suey beneath the painted gaze of Martin de Porres, the Catholic saint of racial harmony. His solemnity is mocked by the smiling, rosy-cheeked baby dressed for the Chinese New Year who appears on the wall next to him. A busker walks in strumming a mournful Mexican bolero. Outside, Calle del Carmen is overflowing with vendors hawking knock-off designer purses, cheap sunglasses, and sweaters for dogs, while inside, a quiet nostalgia permeates the Cafe Goya, one of the few remaining cafes chinos (Chinese cafes) in Mexico City.

Founded by Chinese immigrants to Mexico

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Yummy Cafes & Eateries For Your Next Date

a bowl of rice with different types of food on a plate

Our eclectic list has everything from Chinese cuisines to non-alcoholic wine. | PHOTO: Instagram/@happi.belly, @tonguetipbeefnoodles, @copperchimneysg

Couples, rejoice! Dining in is finally allowed for pairs. You can say goodbye to stay-in dates or tapau sessions on random park benches.

Here’s a delish list to make your paktor planning a little easier:

665 Degrees Fahrenheit

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner with a gorgeous view, this premium steakhouse is quite the comeback locale to take your boo.

Specialising in prime cuts and sustainable seafood, the menu offers a wide array of chargrilled oven options and a unique selection of non-alchoholic

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