June 13, 2024


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McDonald’s Prosperity Burger is back on the menu in time for the Lunar New Year

McDonald’s Singapore is bringing back the Prosperity Burger as the Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The fast-food chain is also offering the Twister Fries and it is back with the all-new strawberry pie.

As per SG’s Eat Book, the McDonald’s Prosperity menu has been launched once again and it will be in the stores’ menu list across Singapore starting Jan. 28. The burgers will be sold starting at 11 a.m. and customers can choose between the Prosperity Chicken Burger and Prosperity Beef Burger.

The festive sandwiches for the Chinese New Year cost $6.10 a la carte for a single patty and for double, the price is $8.10. Customers can pair the sandwiches with the favorite Twister Fries that cost $4 per order. They can also opt to get this side menu as part of the Extra Value Meal and they only need to add an extra $0.80 to the menu.

The McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers are served in toasted sesame buns, while the patties are drizzled with sweet and spicy black pepper sauce. They also have some veggies like onion slices, but customers can also make a request to remove them if preferred.

For a complete meal with the McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers, it is also a good idea to add the Strawberry Pie to the order. This dessert costs $1.40 and just making its debut this month. Rather than the usual apple filling, everyone can try out this new strawberry pie with the sweet strawberry pieces inside.

Customers can purchase the McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers, Twister Fries and Strawberry Pie at any restaurant outlets in Singapore. They can also choose to have them delivered instead and enjoy the Chinese New Year special meal.

And this is not all, as part of the Prosperity Feast, McDonald’s Singapore is also offering the Peach McFizz drink as well as pinkish peach pie. The entire meal’s price starts at $10.80 and also comes with limited-edition red packets that will be available until supplies last.

Finally, celebrate the Year of the Tiger this coming Chinese New Year with the McDonald’s Prosperity Meal. The burgers and twister fries are seasonal meals that should not be missed!