Opinion: Americans spent a record $103.6 billion on pet products last year. How much is too much?

Let me first state for the record that I really like my dog, a 11-year-old cutie named Lulu. She plays a good game of fetch. She forces me to get a little more exercise with her constant need for walks. She has also mastered being house-trained (well, almost, but let’s not get into the details).

But would I take her to a dog bar, much like the one that opened recently in London and serves canine “cocktails”?

Not in your freaking life.

It’s National Dog Day, which is yet another occasion for us to overindulge our four-legged friends.

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America’s top chefs in the year you were born

The idea of the celebrity chef has changed enormously in America over most of our lifetimes. Back in the 1940s, most restaurant chefs’ names were completely unknown to the general public, but by the 1990s dozens of working chefs were legitimate celebrities, usually because of appearances on television or through best-selling cookbooks. Get a glimpse into what chef culture was when you were born by exploring the best-known chefs of past decades.

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Discover the foods launched in the year you were born

Ever find yourself craving your go-to childhood snack or lunchbox favorite? From sugar-coated cereals and candy bars to quick TV dinners and fast food classics, the food we ate growing up holds a special place in our hearts and stomachs. Here, we’ve eaten our way through the decades to bring you the crowd-pleasing foods that were launched the year you were born.

Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Now produced by confectionery

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How and why we chose our Restaurant of the Year

Last Sunday, in print and online, The Times announced Minh Phan’s new project Phenakite as this year’s Restaurant of the Year. It began as a trial-run pop-up last September at Second Home, a property in Hollywood originally designed by renowned architect Paul R. Williams; it currently functions as a “co-working complex,” but that phrase doesn’t really communicate its botanical garden setting and its mod aesthetic.

By November, while Phan’s much-loved Porridge and Puffs remained closed in the thick of the pandemic, Phenakite was settling in for a weekly residency at Second Home. Phan tends to describe the experience as “Angeleno”

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