our expert taste test of supermarket Chinese New Year food

Today marks the start of Chinese New Year, the first day of festivities as the year of the ox turns into the year of the tiger. 

While Chinese restaurants across the country will be celebrating with elaborate feasts, if you can’t get to one you’ll need a plan B. That might be a takeaway, cooking your own dishes, or it could also mean a trip to your local supermarket, where a wide range of Chinese-inspired snacks and treats are available. 

This year, Marks & Spencer caused a minor internet storm with its Lunar New Year special, the

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7 metro Phoenix restaurants serving auspicious Chinese foods for Lunar New Year 2022

The Lunar New Year starts on Tuesday, Feb. 1 and food plays a big part in the 15-day celebration. Certain foods are believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and longevity for the next year.

People of different cultures celebrate Lunar New Year, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities. Some examples of auspicious foods in Chinese culture include whole fish, jiaozi dumplings, egg rolls, yi mein “long life” noodles and good-fortune fruit including oranges, pomegranates and other citrus.

Here are 7 Chinese restaurants in Phoenix serving traditional foods to ring in Year of the Tiger.

Dig in: A Cantonese duck

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If You Don’t Know How to Chinese New Year Anymore, This Is for You

All illustrations by Ansh for RICE Media.

I haven’t celebrated Chinese New Year in a good, long while. Not because of the pandemic, but simply because all my relatives are in a different country. So it’s kind of come to a point where I don’t really know how it’s celebrated anymore. 


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My childhood memories of the festive season when we were still celebrating: sparklers, angbao, and watching adults sit around a square table shuffling really noisy blocks of plastic (that’s what mahjong was to a 5-year-old). In recent years, the only thing I know about CNY celebrations in

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Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 in Miami

The Chinese New Year — also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival — is among the most important festivals in China and many East Asian countries.

For many, the festival is more than just a celebration of the start of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. For South Floridians of Chinese heritage like Wok Star founder and chef Eleanor Hoh, it’s also a time to honor ancestors, feast with family members, and celebrate new beginnings.

While regional customs and traditions vary widely from region to region, they all celebrate the same theme: seeing out

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