18 Secret Menu Items and Hacks from Your Favorite Restaurants

Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits

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When it comes to menu options at your favorite chain restaurants, there’s often more than meets the eye. Whether it’s a tasty variation on a classic dish or secret items ordered only by those in the know, most chain restaurants are happy to let diners deviate from the standard options to order off-menu meals that are often surprisingly delicious. To help liven up the dining experiences at favorite family restaurants, we’ve compiled some of the best secret menu items and hacks.

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Jamba Juice smoothie

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Satisfy your

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McDonald’s Brings Two Saucy Burgers Back to Its Menu

McDonald’s fans in Singapore now have the opportunity to get the Prosperity Beef Burger again, just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The McDonald’s division there also added the Prosperity Chicken Burger back to the menu. The two sandwiches have been available since Jan. 20, according to Eat Book, which covers food news in Singapore.

Both sandwiches are available for $6.10 for a single patty or $8.10 for double patties. Twister Fries are also back on the menu for $4 per order. The fan-favorite fries can also be added to any Extra Value Meal for just $0.80.

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Friend dumped me for belittling Thanksgiving menu

DEAR ABBY: When a friend of mine “makes dinner” for invited guests, it’s either takeout Chinese food or delivered pizza. Frankly, I am sick of it.

Last Thanksgiving, they invited me and several others over for dinner. You guessed it! Chinese food.

I told my friend I was surprised and not in the mood for Chinese food, offered my apologies and left. We didn’t talk for four months.

This past year I was again invited to Thanksgiving dinner. I declined and, when asked why, said, “I’m sick and tired of what is being offered.”

The response was, “Then I guess

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Chinese restaurant’s super-honest menu descriptions include: ‘I don’t recommend this’

Hong Kong prepares for Chinese New Year



A Chinese restaurant’s menu has gone viral for including some rather honest menu descriptions indeed.

Posting on Twitter, someone noticed that Ong Ong bakery on London’s Brick Lane was being a bit self-deprecating, to put it mildly, when describing the food they sell.

Describing a Char Siu bun, the menu writer says they think it’s “overrated” and that they “prefer the tuna sweetcorn bun”.

“But you

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