June 13, 2024


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Infinitus Launches Its Light Healthy Food Brand Relax Raise

GUANGZHOU, China, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On March 16, Infinitus unveiled its Relax Raise healthy food brand at an online launch event. Four new products have been rolled out under the brand, including the Konjac Program meal replacement porridge and the Only series.

Infinitus' new brand, the Relax Raise series of products

Infinitus’ new brand, the Relax Raise series of products

Today’s fast-paced life and work pressure have made the younger generation intimately aware of the importance of keeping fit starting from a young age. By the same token, that same fast pace, and the stress that goes along with it, have led these young workers to look for an easy solution that meets their health objectives. When it comes to a healthy meal, anything requiring a lot of preparation time is not going to cut it. A low-fat, sugar-reduced, highly nutritious, stomach-filling, ready-to-eat solution is what they are looking for.

Functional foods tend to be available in the form of health-oriented snacks

The greatest feature of the Relax Raise series of porridges is convenience. Each serving is individually packaged, so that all you need to do is tear open the bag and heat it up. Within minutes, you will have a delicious meal sitting in front of you.

Nowadays, more healthy foods are available in the form of snacks. According to a consumer insight report released by Tmall Mart last winter, sales of the three leading pre-packaged meals on the online platform soared by a factor of three over the last 12 months, with 70% of them bought by members of Gen Z (more commonly referred to as the post-95s in China), due to the meals being so easy to prepare and eat.

The launch of the Relax Raise brand is the result of Infinitus’ insights into the health market. Infinitus’ brand management manager explained at the press conference, this younger demographic is launching a new trend in health care. The original intent of the Relax Raise brand was to make it easy and efficient for busy young people to enjoy quality food in a high-pressure social environment.

Lean ingredients and processes ensure nutrition

Members of Gen Z who attach importance to their health and wellness not only want fresh and tasty food, they also pay attention to its nutrition value. As a result, many will habitually read the labels of the foods they intend to buy and look up the ingredients online when shopping for food.

This has led the Relax Raise brand to strive for excellence in the selection of ingredients, assuring shoppers of good nutrition as well as a meal that will leave them feeling satiated. The Only oatmeal series consists solely of raw oats from Australia. No artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives are added. That is the reason why the series is named Only .

As for the production process, in order to assure both a low calorie count and high nutrition, the Infinitus R&D team deployed a series of innovative technologies including low-temperature baking, no frying and freeze-drying to preserve the taste while keeping the calorie count down.

With a growing segment of the youth demographic paying attention to their health, many traditional and snack brands have jumped on the health and wellness bandwagon, and are reaching young consumers through multiple channels. In line with Infinitus’ philosophy referred to as “Three Restorations and Four Habits” (an approach to health rooted in Chinese wellness traditions that date back thousands of years), and in line with a new direction being taken by the company, the Relax Raise brand focuses squarely on the healthy snack field and provides young consumers with light food products that are both healthy and delicious.

SOURCE Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.