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Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know: The 24 Food Items Guaranteed to Disappear 24 Hours After a Crisis Review

Food security is more important today than ever. A $7 eBook called Food Security Secrets could help.

Food Security Secrets is an eBook featuring tips, tricks, and strategies for surviving food shortages.

Written by Donald Carlson, the book features a list of 24 critical food items that often disappear during a crisis.

Should you buy Food Security Secrets? What are the 24 items that disappear after a crisis? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Food Security Secrets today in our review.

What is Food Security Secrets?

Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know is a 138-page eBook filled with food shortage survival secrets.

Author Donald Carlson explains practical strategies for surviving food storages, protecting yourself and your family, and securing certain items in the midst of a crisis.

The full name of the book is Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know: The 24 Survival Items Guaranteed To Disappear 24 Hours After a Crisis.

According to Donald, 24 items are “guaranteed to disappear” 24 hours after a crisis. By stockpiling these items today – or by buying them immediately as the crisis hits – you can protect yourself and your family.

We’re already seeing the beginning of food shortages. Some expect the issues to get worse. By educating yourself and taking action today, you can avoid going hungry during the next crisis.

There’s a Single Point of Failure in the Global Food Supply

The planet has enough food to feed everyone. However, if that food can’t get where it needs to go, then the food is useless. It spoils in the fields, is left unprocessed at factories, and unable to get to store shelves.

That’s why Donald claims the single point of failure in the global food supply is trucks and truckers. He sees this as an inherent flaw in our system – but it’s a flaw that could cause a food shortage issue in as little as three days.

Here’s how Donald explains it:

“A single point of failure is basically a flaw in the design of a system, whereby one malfunction or failure takes out the whole system. Turns out the single point of failure in our food supply is trucks and truckers…”

Trucks and truckers bring food to our grocery stores. They bring finished food products from factories to retailers. And they haul raw materials from farmers to factories.

According to Donald, the United States would run out of food in just three days if trucking is disrupted. Stores would find it impossible to restock, and gas stations and grocery stores would suddenly run out of supplies.

All it takes is just three days of disruption for a global crisis to occur – and Donald believes we’re on the precipice of a collapse.

What Will You Learn in Food Security Secrets?

Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know covers a range of topics on food security, protecting yourself in a crisis, and becoming self-sufficient.

Here are some of the topics covered in the eBook:

How to get all of the food you need for your survival stockpile for dirt cheap – or even for free. The eBook explains how to make this plan work on any size of budget. Supermarkets fear this secret. (Page 130).

The single beverage to stockpile to ensure your mental fitness in an emergency, and why you could open yourself up to dangerous threats beyond your perception without this beverage. (Page 150).

The single most dangerous myth about food security and why this myth can destroy your food prepping plans. (Page 19).

A must have food items used by World War II soldiers in desperate situations – and how you can use this food to secure yourself and your family during the next crisis. This food item played crucial roles at D-Day and Iwo Jima. (Page 110).

Why packing food the wrong way or in incorrect packaging could leave you with an unpleasant surprise when you access your food supply. Poor food storage strategies lead to problems with rats, maggots, and other pests. Even if there are no visible problems with your food supply, you could inadvertently give yourself food poisoning due to poor food storage practices. In Food Security Secrets, you can discover the specific food storage strategies to avoid these issues. (Page 44).

The signs you could be eating bad food versus food that’s as fresh as the day it was packed. Learning how to spot the signs of spoiled food can make the difference between life and death in a crisis. (Page 60).

A simple trick for storing dairy products without refrigeration for up to 25 years, keeping dairy foods fresh and delicious for decades, even during long power outages. (Page 79).

A food item from major fast food chains that disappeared during Covid shortages, and why we could soon be facing shortages of that item again, which means now is the best time to stock up. (Page 91).

A specific food item that has been an essential part of the United States’ military’s MREs for over a decade. This food item is nutritious, filling, and packed with energy-boosting ingredients to give troops the power they need, which also means it’s good enough for the average person to eat in times of crisis. (Page 95).

What a top firearms and self-defense instructor recommends about securing your food stockpile, including how to protect your food stockpile from others who wish to steal it during times of crisis. (Page 14).

What Are the Best Foods to Stockpile Today?

In Food Security Secrets, you can discover specific recommendations of the best foods to stockpile today, including food items that commonly disappear during times of crisis.

Some of the food recommendations featured in Food Security Secrets include:

The #1 food item that disappears during times of crisis and how to stockpile that food item today.

Other food items that disappeared during the recent Covid crisis and could easily disappear again during the next crisis. (Page 25).

A long-lasting food proven by science to last 106 years while still being 100% edible. (Page 58).

Why you don’t need to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive dehydrated survival food or pre-made food buckets to survive the next crisis; instead, Donald recommends simpler, cheaper, and more accessible food security secrets to secure your own food supply, regardless of budget. (Page 130).

The perfect amount of food to maximize your food supply even during extended food shortages and national crises. (Page 40).

The foods you should never add to your food security stockpile, including some foods that may surprise you. (Page 34).

Simple strategies you can implement today to make your supply of canned goods last forever without spoiling, wasting away, or getting exposed to the elements. (Page 47).

Why you should buy a specific brand of alcoholic beverage because it lasts virtually forever (even if the bottle is opened) while offering a myriad of uses for first aid – all while being easy to add to mixed drinks to help you relax and de-stress during the next crisis. (Page 103).

A cheap, accessible, and tasty survival food that offers one of the best cost-to-calorie ratios in the world. (Page 64).

The best “superfood” to use during the next crisis, including how soldiers in the United States Civil War used this survival food because it was easy to prepare, easy to eat, and delivered incredible energy. The superfood was first discovered by the Incas of South America, and it’s a popular superfood today among preppers and non-preppers alike. (Page 61).

How to build a wealth of farm-fresh survival foods via an obscure, government-sponsored program, including how to source food directly from a local farmer to get the organic vegetables, free-range meat and eggs, and other healthy items you need to survive the next food crisis. (Page 133).

An ancient, drought-resistant seed packed with amino acids, vitamins, and fiber that can keep you healthy, safe, and energized during the next food crisis. In Food Security Secrets, you’ll discover how to plant the seed in your yard, then feed your family for years.

Free Secret #1: How to Protect Frozen Foods After a Disaster

We can’t reveal complete information about Food Security Secrets upfront; however, the author, Donald Carlson, teases some of his best food security strategies.

On page 36 of Food Security Secrets, you’ll discover Donald’s tip for protecting frozen foods after a disaster.

Typically, frozen foods spoil within days of a power outage – if not earlier, depending on the type of frozen foods.

That’s why Donald does not recommend relying on frozen foods during times of crisis. If the power goes out for an extended period, then you won’t be able to safely eat any of this frozen food.

Instead, Donald recommends the following strategies to protect and manage frozen foods:

  • Don’t rely on frozen foods and expect to live long during a crisis, as the power can go out for a long period of time and spoil all your frozen food
  • In Food Security Secrets, you can discover the best foods you can use without relying on freezers or refrigeration
  • If you do want to maximize the life of your frozen foods during a power outage, then Donald recommends filling up your freezer with as much as you can and leaving as minimal air inside as possible
  • A full freezer lasts twice as long during a power outage as a half-full freezer
  • Some people fill water bottles, juice cartons, and milk containers with water, then place them in their freezer to keep foods cool for longer; this can give you a safe water supply while also extending the life of your frozen foods

Free Secret #2: How to Protect Yourself from Looters

Even if you have the world’s best and most diverse food supply, you could lose it all to looters.

Donald believes the next crisis will lead to riots on the streets, looting, and other forms of civil unrest. As grocery store shelves are empty, people will be very upset.

And, as hunger sets it, people will become increasingly desperate. Someone who needs to feed their family will do anything to get the food they need.

To protect your food supply from looters, Donald recommends the following strategies on page 126 of his book:

  • Use the hide in plain sight technique to conceal your food stockpile without a safe or lock
  • Grab a bunch of used, sturdy cardboard boxes – like the type you get when you buy reams of printer paper
  • Add your survival food items to the boxes, then pile them up in your basement, storage room, or closet
  • Use a marker to write innocuous labels on these boxes – like “Books,” “Baby Clothes,” or “Blankets”
  • For extra security, layer worthless junk on top of the boxes, helping to camouflage their value from looters
  • Looters will look for easy and obvious targets – like food in your pantry or supplies behind locked cabinets. They will ignore innocent-looking boxes stacked in forgotten areas of your home.

Free Secret #3: Don’t Believe Certain Prepping Myths

Donald spends a significant time in Food Security Secrets dispelling myths about prepping.

Many preppers mistakenly believe these myths – and that could cost them significantly in times of crisis.

Some of the myths Donald spends time dispelling in Food Security Secrets include:

  • All you need is rice and beans for your food supply
  • To be a true prepper, you need to live like the Unabomber in a doomsday bunker in the middle of the forest
  • You need to spend thousands of dollars on MREs and boxed emergency supplies to survive a crisis
  • It’s best to load up on a single type of food in bulk and rely exclusively on that food in times of crisis

As Donald explains, loading up on a single type of food could be extremely dangerous. You’re limiting your nutrient intake. You’re also risking losing that food to improper storage or a single accident.

Other Topics Covered in Food Security Secrets

Other topics covered in Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know include:

Why “when in doubt, throw it out” may or may not be a good strategy for your food preparedness plan, including when to use this strategy and when to ignore it. (Page 59).

The best places to hide your food survival stockpile in your home, including why you don’t need to invest in safes or expensive locks. (Page 124).

8 easy ways to conceal your food stash in your home right now from unfriendly eyes, including the specific tips for securing your food supply in a crisis and protecting it from looters. (Page 124).

The “Magic Survival Food” that gives you 90% of the nutrients you need to survive an extended emergency, including why some survival foods are downright superfoods due to their energy-boosting ingredients, calorie-to-cost ratio, and overall nutritional content. (Page 80).

How to stock up on food to protect your kids or grandkids during a crisis, including how to create a food supply that’s easy for younger preppers to follow while still being tasty. One specific food item recommended by Donald has a long shelf life and is delicious for kids (and adults). (Page 100).

Why rice and beans are important for any food storage plan, including the specific types of rice and beans for maximum nutritional value. (Page 84).

The surprising survival secret you can learn from one of the greatest presidents in United States history. (Page 22).

What to do if you forget a critical item in your prepping plan, including tips for last minute shopping and the best items to get in a store in the days and hours before a crisis – before mobs and looters start to strip shelves bare. (Page 31).

Why a single bathroom item could make the difference between life and death in an extended emergency, including why Donald claims you “must have this item ready before the emergency” because it won’t be available during or after the crisis. (Page 53).

Why you shouldn’t bother buying high-priced “survival bars” from camping stores, and why you should buy cheaper alternatives that work just as well instant. (Page 72).

The specific composition of foods you need to eat to maximize your nutrition, as recommended by the United States Army. (Page 37).

How a single sheet of paper could be the difference between spoiling your stockpile and maintaining it for decades, including why this sheet of paper is particularly important if you have kids or take care of elderly parents. (Page 43).

How to make your own baby formula at home using three crucial food items, and why you should secure those food items today to protect yourself during times of crisis – like the ongoing baby formula shortage. (Page 79).

A superior alternative to beef jerky, including why beef jerky is missing a specific nutrient your body needs for survival. Beef jerky is popular with many preppers, but you can maximize the nutritional value of your beef jerky with simple strategies – and by swapping out beef jerky for a similar alternative. (Page 98).

What to eat first in an emergency situation, and the specific order of foods to extend the life of your food supply – and why eating foods in the wrong order could kill you. (Page 44).

The ultimate dehydrated food you can buy today, including dehydrated food that lasts forever while giving your family all of the nutrients you need. It’s not raising or any type of fruit. (Page 87).

An indispensable kitchen gadget that you must store with your stockpile. If you forget this gadget before the crisis, then it could make 10% of your food security items worthless. (Page 59).

A huge mistake preppers make when calculating calorie intake in foods, including why this mistake could leave you dangerously under-nourished during a crisis. (Page 38).

How a critical food item can maximize the potential of your food supply and the freshness of your vegetables. You can even apply this food item to pots and pans to ensure they remain rust-free.

Why you should add chocolate to your prepper shopping list, and why buying the right type of chocolate can protect your health and maintain maximum shelf life while still being delicious. (Page 110).

Foods you should never, ever store in their original containers, and why improper food storage strategies could leave you dangerously under-equipped during times of crisis. (Page 92).

Why shortages of a specific, critical food item have caused revolutions and wars in the past, and why this food item is heavily taxed by government authorities during times of crisis, giving you another reason to stock up now before it gets exorbitantly expensive. (Page 96).

How the first settlers of Plymouth Rock survived during tough times using a specific “pioneer” dish, and how to make that pioneer dish today to survive during the next crisis. (Page 85).

Other strategies, tactics, tips, tricks, and secrets to surviving any type of food crisis or emergency.

Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know Pricing

Food Security Secrets is priced at a one-time fee of $7.

You receive instant access to the eBook as soon as the website processes your payment. There is no physical book: you receive a PDF file with 138 pages of survival advice and food prepping wisdom.

All Food Security Secrets purchases are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

Who is Donald Carlson?

Donald Carlson is the author of Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know: The 24 Survival Items Guaranteed To Disappear 24 Hours After a Crisis.

Donald provides limited information online about his background or experience. However, he seems to be a qualified prepper and food storage expert with personal expertise in the same.

Food Security Secrets is published online through Crisis Survival Institute (CSI), an online emergency preparedness brand. The company also sells survival gear like flashlights, water filtration bottles, and emergency preparedness kits.

You can contact Crisis Survival Institute via the following:

Final Word

Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know is an eBook that could be the difference between surviving the next crisis – or dying.

We’re already facing food shortages – particularly with baby formula. As these food shortage issues spread, people will become increasingly desperate.

By downloading Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know for $7 today, you can discover actionable strategies to use to secure your food supply – including specific items to buy today that will disappear during the next crisis.

To buy Food Security Secrets today or to learn more, visit the official website at The eBook is priced at $7 and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.


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