Day: June 17, 2022

Viral Tweet About the ‘Healthy’ History of McDonald’s Is Wrong

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Image: Nick Laham / Allsport (Getty Photographs)

Ryan Petersen, the CEO of a logistics tech corporation known as Flexport, tweeted out a image that went viral Monday, purporting to show a time when McDonald’s utilised supposedly more healthy cooking methods. Petersen prompt the folks from this allegedly historic photograph had been considerably more healthy than the persons of 2022, insinuating it’s mainly because they weren’t consuming seed oils, a latest boogeyman in the diet earth. But just about every little thing in Petersen’s tweet is erroneous or deceptive.

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Healthy Blue Cheese Dressing – The Lemon Bowl®

A creamy, flavor-packed dressing, this Healthy Blue Cheese Dressing takes just minutes to make and is completely guilt-free.

Drizzling healthy blue cheese dressing over salad.

Who doesn’t love a rich, creamy blue cheese dressing on a crisp bed of salad greens? Instead of buying the bottled stuff, try making your own at home! Not only will you save money and calories, but you will be able to control the quality of ingredients. Plus my Healthy Blue Cheese Dressing takes almost no time at all!


  • Plain yogurt: Acts as a healthier, creamy, thick base for the dressing. If you want it even thicker, or for added protein,
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