Day: November 5, 2020

Why Is American Cheese So Popular ‘Down Under’?

American cheese is the best cheese for burgers, no argument. If it is a classic American burger, there needs to be an American cheese slice in there.

American cheese is one of the most popular cheese products in the United States, and now countries all across the world are getting on board. American cheese has now successfully made its way into the hearts of Australians.

I don’t know many people who haven’t heard of American cheese; many of us have either eaten it or seen it being eaten on TV.

However, if you don’t know what American cheese is, let … Read More

What are some creative, cheese sauce-inspired dishes you should be considering this festive season?

One of the challenging parts of festive is to prepare delicious food. Making dishes during festivals that everyone will love can give a hard time even for a professional chef. No matter what dish you make, it needs to enjoy it, and there need to some festive vibe and hearty sides to go with it.

As Christmas is approaching near, have you decided what you will cook at your Christmas party? Well if you are planning to try something new to make this Christmas memorable. Let me share you some cheese sauce inspired dishes

Cheese can always go well with … Read More

Five Ways To Use Cheese Curds, That We Bet You Didn’t Know About!

Over the last decade the popularity of cheese curds has risen outside of North America. Delicious, fresh and squeaky curds have now become an essential part of restaurant menus.

Made from curdled milk, cheese curds have a rubbery texture with a mild and salty taste. The best thing about cheese curds is they actually have some nutritional benefits.  You can get lots of protein, vitamins and minerals from cheese curds.

You can eat them raw or use them as an ingredient in a dish. They are so versatile that you can pretty much have them for every meal of the … Read More

Avoid Wasting Leftover Shredded Cheese. The Next Best Ways To Use Leftover Shredded Cheese.

Leftover food items can be a common issue for many establishments.  When you buy a bulk bag of shredded cheese, if you are not using it efficiently then there will be leftovers—and wasting leftover cheese is just wrong.

Some cheeses taste best when fresh, while others get better with age. However, if you have a decent amount leftover and you are worried you won’t use it in time for the best before date, it’s better to freeze it, rather than throwing it away. There are endless ways to use shredded cheese, so you don’t want to waste a single … Read More