Why Is American Cheese So Popular ‘Down Under’?

American cheese is the best cheese for burgers, no argument. If it is a classic

American cheese is the best cheese for burgers, no argument. If it is a classic American burger, there needs to be an American cheese slice in there.

American cheese is one of the most popular cheese products in the United States, and now countries all across the world are getting on board. American cheese has now successfully made its way into the hearts of Australians.

I don’t know many people who haven’t heard of American cheese; many of us have either eaten it or seen it being eaten on TV.

However, if you don’t know what American cheese is, let us tell you. American cheese is a cheese product that is typically made from Cheddar, Colby or another similar cheeses. American cheese slices have a creamy, salty flavour, and a very distinct colour.

The shape, look, and taste have made it perfect for all types of burgers in the US and Australia. However, there are many misconceptions around American cheese. Many have called it plastic cheese, as they believe it wasn’t actually made from cheese products. However, it is definitely made from real cheese and has gained its popularity back from this original misunderstanding.

Many people also ask, why is American cheese so popular in Australia? So, here are some of the reasons why Australian’s love American cheese:

It Is NOT Unhealthy

One of the biggest misunderstandings people have with American Cheese, is that think it is unhealthy. However, I would disagree. Everything is moderation is okay, but it isn’t super unhealthy and can provide you with minerals such as calcium.   

If you have a burger with American cheese every day, then sure it is not going to be unhealthy, but if you maintain your portions and keep everything balanced, then you’ll be okay. The quality of the product also plays a vital role here. If you are buying low-quality American cheese slices with lots of nasty additives, then it’ll be unhealthy.

I always buy Pure Dairy American cheese slices, so that I know my cheese has no nasty additives and preservatives.


Why are American cheese slices the best cheese for a burger? The colour, texture and taste are perfect for every aspect of a delicious and decant cheeseburger.

An American burger cheese slice has a low melting point, but its consistency stays medium-firm and it does not become too runny or messy after heating. The best part, you may ask, is that it does not leave grease behind when it is melted.


The use of American cheese is not only limited to burgers. I like to buy cheese slices in bulk because you can save money. I do this also because the product is versatile enough that I can easily use up my bulk order.

There are so many things that I can cook apart from a burger with the American cheese. Grilled sandwich, mac & cheese, lasagne and casserole dishes, just to name a few.

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