June 15, 2024


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What are some creative, cheese sauce-inspired dishes you should be considering this festive season?

One of the challenging parts of festive is to prepare delicious food. Making dishes during festivals that everyone will love can give a hard time even for a professional chef. No matter what dish you make, it needs to enjoy it, and there need to some festive vibe and hearty sides to go with it.

As Christmas is approaching near, have you decided what you will cook at your Christmas party? Well if you are planning to try something new to make this Christmas memorable. Let me share you some cheese sauce inspired dishes

Cheese can always go well with most of the dishes, and it the major reason behind making ultimate comfort food.  Whether it’s Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or New Year, these are the special day for a perfect excuse to have all your favourite cheesy dishes. As we are talking about the gooey, bubbly and melty cheese sauce, trust me you will have finger-licking good dishes this Christmas.

So, with no delay, let’s jump into some of the creative cheese sauce inspired dishes that will make your festive season great.

7 Layer Dip

It’s one of my favourite party food!  A packed layers of fresh flavour, 7 layer dips are perfect for an appetizer or a snack. It’s the easiest dip recipes which require no cooking at all. Layers the ingredients as you want and your flavour full dip is ready in no time.

You can use different layers of beans, salsa, sour cream, green onion, guacamole and olives. To make this dish cheesy, I prefer using liquid cheese sauce instead of sour cream. As a cheese lover, I always look to adjust cheese in any recipe. Grab a tortilla chip, dip it into your 7 layers dip, a mouthful of flavour with ooey gooey cheese will make you crave even more for the main dish.


Any Tex-Mex food lover out there? Well even if you are not tex-mex food lover you should definitely try this famous dish “Enchilada”. It’s straightforward to prepare this dish at home; all you need to know is “the perfect cheese for Enchilada”. If you use the right cheese, no matter you make meat or veggies enchilada you will never go wrong.

While making this dish, I prefer using liquid cheese sauce from Pure Dairy’s they have the best creamy and smooth cheese sauce that’s perfect for this dish. After you bake the enchiladas, add liquid cheese sauce all over them, and your incredibly delicious and cheesy enchiladas are ready to enjoy.

Saucy Skillet Lasagna

Who doesn’t love a nice cheesy lasagna during a festive night?. Whether if you want to have a family time party or invite your friends, it’s an excellent dish for a party. You can also cook extra lasagna and save it for the next day; even the leftovers will taste extremely good.

This festive season I recommend you to use liquid cheese sauce in lasagna. After being bored with the same old recipe I tried something different, this minor tweak of cheese sauce will take your lasagna from yeah it’s okay, to Oh My God! It was so great to find that my lasagna was soft and saucy even after an hour of cooking.

All you have to do is layer your lasagna sauce with noodles, fresh liquid cheese sauce and bake until its bubbly. The best saucy skillet lasagna is ready to rock the party.