Untangling the Mystery of Singapore Noodles

On any given list of the world’s best food capitals, Singapore is undeniably one of the top gastronomic powerhouses. The city-state boasts an incredible food scene that reflects its unique cultural fabric. It’s also home to one of the cheapest Michelin-starred meals in the world—a S$6 (US$4.50) bowl of bak chor mee from hawker stall Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle.

The famous street food dish is typically served dry with noodles lovingly tossed in vinegar and cooked with pork mince, mushrooms and morsels of decadent deep-fried lard. Along with other popular noodle dishes such as the spicy laksa (curried

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New Cafes And Restaurants To Dine At In Singapore In March 2022

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We’re officially deep into quarter one of 2022.

After getting over the whirlwind that is Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, the reality is that 2022 is marching on steadily is really beginning to hit us.  This March, we’re spending our days once again in the full embrace of food, more specifically at all these new restaurants and dining spots that’ve popped up around Singapore.

Besides pricey omakase joints like Taiga Dining for a special occasion, we’re hanging out with our best buds at gram-worthy cafes like Coexist Coffee Co.’s third

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Most Expensive Restaurants to Dine in Style in Singapore

a person sitting at a table with a cake in front of a window

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Here in Singapore, we take our food seriously. We enjoy dining out, and every event or celebration has to involve food. Fortunately, the dining experiences and the good food available in Singapore can satisfy even the most demanding palettes. 

Top restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds and cultures, who bring their food and their culture here. So there are always new things to try. This article outlines some of the most popular and most expensive restaurants where you can visit for a special occasion or just treat you and your

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Meet Andre Chiang, the celebrity chef who gave up his Michelin stars in Singapore and moved back to Taiwan to train the next generation of chefs

Chef Andre Chiang laughing in the kitchen of his Singapore restaurant

Chiang in the kitchen of Restaurant Andre. Courtesy Netflix

  • André Chiang is the only Chinese-born chef listed in the World’s Best 50 Restaurants.

  • His Netflix film, “André and His Olive Tree,” is the top-grossing documentary in Taiwan for 2021.

  • He’s now devoting himself to shaping the next generation of young chefs in Taiwan.

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At Restaurant André in Singapore, nothing was left to chance, and nothing was out of place.

The menus were hardback novels inscribed with Chef Chiang’s sketches. Chairs were placed at a perfect 45-degree angle to the table. Dishes were presented

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