Owner of Towson Sichuan restaurant will open new eatery in Ellicott City

Owner of popular Towson Sichuan restaurant will open new eatery in Howard County

Ping Wu opened her first restaurant, Orient Express, two decades ago in Charles Village. But the restaurant went through a reimagining of sorts five years ago, when Wu decided to add dishes from China’s Sichuan province to a menu once devoted entirely to Chinese-American classics like General Tso’s chicken and pork fried rice.Today, you can find offerings like clear noodles in chili sauce, crispy duck and mapo tofu on the menu alongside chicken lo mein.Wu made Sichuan

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Hana Bistro pivots to mobile eatery after restaurant closes | Edina

Hana Bistro, the Pan-Asian restaurant that permanently closed at 50th & France this summer, is making a return – but this time, it will do business on the go.

For its next chapter, the eatery it will operate a food truck in and around Edina and Minneapolis in addition to providing private dinner parties. The choice to shift to the new model came after the restaurant experienced over a year of difficulty with the pandemic, said Stephanie Lan, who runs the restaurant with her husband, Ben Lan.

“It’s fun and exciting,” she said. “It will be enjoyable for the customers

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All about Ma Ma and authentic Chinese at this Boulder eatery | Craving Colorado | Lifestyle

BOULDER • Hardly a minute passes between the time he sits down and is fed.

This afternoon, Anna Zoe has prepared her boy special plates of pork belly and bao. The fluffy, hand-rolled dough buns are steamed, pan-fried and stuffed with spice and veggies and savory, saucy pork. Just as Edwin Zoe knew them as a child.

His mother gives him one dish after another, kisses him on the forehead and shuffles back to the kitchen of Zoe Ma Ma.

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Edwin Zoe tastes a piece of pork belly prepared by his mother Anna Zoe, who is known as Ma Ma,

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Little Lan’s, Winnetka’s oldest eatery, could get booted after surviving pandemic: ‘It would be devastating’

Is a chop at the end of this stick?

Is Winnetka’s oldest restaurant heading to the land of the lost?

Little Lan’s, a traditional, old-school Chinese eatery in the middle of posh North Shore environs, may lose its lease — a move that would devastate its owner, Chien Lan Pi, who has given her blood, sweet and tears to the business for 29 years.

“It’s sad and it’s bad optics,” said longtime Winnetkan Monica Bidwill. “The owner is a hard-working Asian American woman, who fought hard to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The tiny spot is almost hidden

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