What exactly is duck sauce? The sticky history of the Chinese-American takeout staple

In the six years that I’ve been frequenting Asian Wok, the small Chinese takeout counter a few blocks from my apartment, I’ve never seen Liling, the kitchen manager, look flustered. 

I’ve been there at all hours, from peak lunch rush to that final 30-minute window post-last call, and even when the restaurant is absolutely hectic and the kitchen reaches sweltering temperatures, she’ll simply pin her thick black bangs away from her face and just continue counting. 

You see, watching Liling, you realize that her kitchen runs by the numbers — the number of tickets still to be fulfilled, the number

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Pagoda Kitchen bringing ‘homestyle Chinese’ and Peking duck to Delray Beach

Crispy Peking duck, glazed Chinese spare ribs and tender chickens turning on rotisserie spits will be the first eye-popping spectacle to greet diners entering the new Pagoda Kitchen in Delray Beach.

A pair of six-foot-tall vertical rotisseries are the centerpiece of veteran restaurateur Burt Rapoport’s first “home-style Chinese restaurant,” opening this October inside Delray Marketplace. It replaces the former Mediterranean eatery Apeiro and sits next door to Burt & Max’s, Rapoport’s eatery devoted to American comfort food.

Rapoport admits that Pagoda, specializing in Chinese comfort food, is far removed from the Jewish delis (see: the late Rappy’s),

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How this Chinese family brought their famous Peking duck from Caracas to Doral

Peking duck is a dish for emperors, a delicacy that Miamians can always eat piping hot at a Chinese restaurant in Doral. Qianlong was founded by Yony Moy, a Venezuelan who learned the business from his father and grandfather, who arrived in Maracaibo from Canton in 1958 searching for success in what was then the richest country in South America.

“The skin has to be crispy and the meat tender,” says Moy, explaining that the process of preparing the duck is long and complex. It begins the night before when the duck is washed and hung; the next day it

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The Communist Peking duck so good that Kissinger ‘would have signed anything’

The Mongol emperor Kublai Khan’s terrifying reputation extended to the atmosphere in his banqueting hall, where from a raised dais the great man – so large that he could barely stand up by his mid-60s – loomed over a noisy vassal throng. The task of feeding Kublai’s prodigious appetite fell to a select group of noblemen whose noses and mouths were stuffed – claimed Marco Polo – with “fine napkins of silk and gold”, lest a stray breath or snort contaminate his victuals. Musicians sounded a fanfare every time Kublai lifted his cup and took a gulp, followed into action

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