Chef couple shares easy pasta recipe with a twist for Valentine’s Day

Spice things up at home this Valentine’s Day and whip up an easy, chef-approved dish for dinner that will be the key to any food lover’s heart.

New York City-based chefs and restaurateurs Matthew Hyland and Simone Tong shared a favorite meal from their own kitchen with “Good Morning America” that home cooks can pull off and enjoy on Feb. 14 and beyond. Plus, they revealed their favorite dish on the others’ menu, the fun that comes with cooking with a partner and how they spent their first Valentine’s Day with a special surprise.

The Pizza Loves Emily co-founder said

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Start your day right with good, healthy food

Regardless of whether you are a morning person or not, you cannot deny that breakfast is one of the most amazing parts of the day. If you are a big fan of the smell of eggs and bacon frying in the pan and the happy family bonding moments that come once you take a seat at the table, then you can consider yourself an honorary member of the Breakfast Club. No, not the movie, but the one that loves to elevate the significance of the most important meal of the day.

It’s part of the collective nature of Filipinos to

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Ugly Side Effects of Eating Fast Food Every Day, According to Experts

More often than not, most people order burgers, fries, and sugar-filled drinks when they go through a fast-food drive-thru. While it might taste great at the moment, this type of meal lacks the essential nutrients we need including fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that a balanced diet would deliver.

“These nutrients are essential for both optimum health and protecting your body from inflammation and oxidation,” Poon says.

In fact, according to The Cleveland Clinic, the five most inflammatory foods are added sugars, trans fat, red and processed meats, too many omega-6 fatty acids (found in oils), and

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Where to order Mother’s Day takeout in Los Angeles and Orange County

Many restaurants are offering Mother's Day specials. Pictured is the Mother's Day package from Joan's on Third. <span class="copyright">(Joan's on Third)</span>
Many restaurants are offering Mother’s Day specials. Pictured is the Mother’s Day package from Joan’s on Third. (Joan’s on Third)

The following is a list of places offering Mother’s Day takeout specials. Because hasn’t Mom cooked and cleaned enough the last two months (and really, for your entire life)?

Most places are offering their regular menu items in addition to the specials.



The restaurant is offering a menu that includes a variety of appetizers such as hummus and falafel for $28 per person. There is also a mixed grill menu with kebabs, lamb chops, rice, vegetables and

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