May 21, 2024


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Start your day right with good, healthy food

Regardless of whether you are a morning person or not, you cannot deny that breakfast is one of the most amazing parts of the day. If you are a big fan of the smell of eggs and bacon frying in the pan and the happy family bonding moments that come once you take a seat at the table, then you can consider yourself an honorary member of the Breakfast Club. No, not the movie, but the one that loves to elevate the significance of the most important meal of the day.

It’s part of the collective nature of Filipinos to automatically love a good breakfast. In a way, it is the meal of the day that we probably put the most heart into preparing because, if you’ve had a good breakfast, your day is set.

But even with Filipinos’ love for breakfasts, many Filipino families may not have had all that much time to enjoy them pre-pandemic. Many families may have rushed through breakfasts during the weekdays to make sure that they got to where they were supposed to be and oftentimes, the family didn’t eat all together. That’s what made weekend breakfasts extra special. The whole family could take time to prepare and sit down and eat together.

Dishes don’t have to be impressive or elaborate. Pinoys are used to having simple dishes for breakfast. It’s really how you prepare it that matters. We should cook with the health of our family in mind, and also with the goal of creating beautiful bonding moments with them, especially now that have more time to do so. This is what Pacific Sunrise, a brand of healthy cooking oil advocates with its campaign to promote healthy and meaningful eating with the family.

Preparing breakfast is already a big act of love in itself because it’s like you’re saying: Here, I took the time to prepare you something so we can all start the day right. What’s a little more effort to make your dishes healthier, right?

During this pandemic, families no longer have to rush through breakfasts. There is no more reason why the whole family can’t enjoy and bond over the most important meal of the day. When was the last time you actually gave much thought on how you cook your food?

For many Pinoys, breakfast usually includes fried and sauteed foods. And while many might say that frying is one of the worst ways of cooking food, it all comes down to the ingredients that you use in a particular recipe that make all the difference. Pacific Sunrise, for example, is a healthy vegetable oil made from palm olein that is enriched with vitamins A and E as well as Omega 6 and 9 that helps boost the immune system, something we all need for the new normal. Moreover, it has zero percent trans-fat and cholesterol and is Halal certified too.

This type of cooking oil is considered to be the best for deep frying because it does not burn fast compared to non-palm-based oils, meaning it stays clearer and cleaner tasting for longer. Many chefs swear by using it due to its health benefits and the fact that it has a neutral flavor that does not change whether you use it for regular frying, baking, or sauteing. In fact, it can even enhance the flavor of the food!

Chef Patrick Go

This is supported by food pros, too. Chef Patrick Go of GochuGang and The Grid, Chef Rap Cristobal of Purple Yam Malate, Chef Chad Ayson of The Manila Baker, and Celebrity Chef Rollo Espinos created a series of enticing dishes to encourage families to start the day right by making appetizing and healthy dishes. Whether you’re itching to make some fancy French Toast or a simple Fried Rice with Tornado Egg, you can surely set the tone for a good day by filling the table with food everyone can bond over together.

Chef Rollo Espinos

True enough, breakfast is more than just a normal meal—it is a meaningful moment to be shared with those closest to us. “It’s simple, straightforward, but it means so much.

Pacific Sunrise is a brand under Agri Pacific Corporation which is under the Rebisco Group of Companies. It is available in 500 ml, 1-liter bottles, and 2-liter pouches for only Php52.50, Php97.50, and Php176.50, respectively. You can shop for this healthy, sustainably-sourced oil at major supermarkets near you and in Lazada ( and Shopee ( For more information about the brand, follow it on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.