June 24, 2024


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No Need For A Sushi Buffet Here!

Since 2013, Sushi Inc. has been a St. Petersburg institution. Since 2013, Sushi Inc. has been a St. Petersburg staple. We don’t have an all-you-can-eat sushi menu. We offer authentic Japanese cuisine. We are the largest sushi producer in Vegas. We provide sushi at local events as well as quality sushi at restaurants or buffets. Our restaurants in St. Petersburg and Henderson offer fresh sushi. What’s the point? What is the point in offering “all you can eat” sushi?

We Can Beat Everything You Can Eat

Here are four reasons Sushi Inc. does not offer sushi “all you could eat.”

1. Sushi Inc. only serves the freshest fish

Sushi Inc. is proud to serve the finest fish in St. Petersburg. We have maintained strong relationships with Japan, which allows us to offer a wide variety of fish, including seasonal and rare varieties. Sushi Inc. proudly uses only fresh-caught fish for its sushi. This guarantees a high-quality, rich and fresh taste.

To make sushi that is all-you-can-eat, you will need to buy large amounts of fish and then freeze it. This will allow you to make sushi plates more quickly and at a lower cost. Frozen fish can cause damage to its delicate texture. Research has shown that fish can lose their delicate texture and may increase their bacteria content by freezing. If the fish is not handled properly, it can lead to illness. Frozen fish loses most of its water and soluble vitamins. We do not believe in sacrificing quality to increase quantity. We only use the best quality fish and ensure that it is always fresh. If it is necessary, we will happily serve less sushi. Customers return to us time and again to try new flavors and to be able to order them again.

2. We offer the finest fish cuts

Whole fish is used to make sushi in large quantities and at low prices. Customers tend to order more food, and more often. To encourage new customers, the price must be kept low. Restaurants need to find ways of reducing costs by offering high volumes and low prices.

Sushi Inc.’s sushi experts select the best fish to ensure we provide consistently delicious sushi to all of our customers. Our regular customers are sushi specialists and can attest to the quality of the sushi platters that we offer. They know exactly what they like, and are confident that they will get the same delicious meal each time. Sushi Inc. is proud to be a cut above the rest. We do not compromise on the quality or quantity of fish we use.

3. Sushi Specialties Seasonally AVAILABLE

Sushi Inc.’s sushi restaurants are known for their unique and varied menu. Sushi Inc. is committed to providing clients with the finest, rarest and freshest fish species. Sushi Inc. is a favorite among sushi lovers because of its ability to make new, interesting types of sushi. You should try new recipes and focus on seasonal variations. Sushi Inc. doesn’t offer any specials.

Sushi Inc. prides itself on its extensive selection of sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. Most all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants offer a fixed menu. This makes it easy to prepare and affordable. We don’t like this. Some fish species are more rare or hard to find, so we pass the higher prices on to our customers. These customers are smart and can enjoy a memorable sushi-eating experience. These customers will gladly pay more for the chance to taste rare Japanese sushi.

Some fish varieties are seasonal. Check out some of our daily specials from last fall.

4. Expertise and Care in Sushi Preparation

Sushi Inc. is well-known for its high-quality, variety of sushi. It is the best sushi in St. Petersburg. They have years of experience and were trained in Japan. They have a keen eye for style, presentation and creativity and are capable of making fresh sushi to the highest standards. Sushi Inc. takes pride in making the best sushi and sharing this knowledge with its customers. We are the best place to get sushi.

Sushi Inc. only offers the highest quality sushi

Sushi Inc. does not offer all-you-can-eat sushi. They are focused on quality. We don’t believe in changing the ingredients of how food is prepared to satisfy a limited menu. This would result in a loss of quality, taste, and presentation. Our sushi chefs will not accept pre-made or low-quality foods. Every customer receives fresh sushi made from scratch in our restaurants. This is exactly what our founders did many years ago. This is something we take great pride in.This post was written by a professional at Suhi Inc. Sushi Inc opened in late 2013, and is a vibrant japanese restaurant in St Pete. It offers live music, traditional hand-rolled sushi and a friendly atmosphere. Residents love our award-winning, fresh and creative Sushi rolls, Nigiri, and Sashimi. With a larger selection of tempura, non-Sushi, and teriyaki options, we can accommodate every taste.