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Low-income food growing program for Union and Snyder Counties

A gardening program is starting soon in Union County which aims to help people grow vegetables on a budget.

LEWISBURG, Pa. — The Lewisburg YMCA at the Miller Center is not only a place to exercise. You’ll also find healthy food there. It’s home to the Union Snyder Community Action Agency’s food hub.

“Collect local produce that we will then be able to give out to local food pantries so that all of our pantries in the area have that access to local healthy produce that they can give out to food insecurity,” Nicole Peterson explained.

The Union Snyder Community Action Agency is an organization that helps lower-income people become more self-sufficient. One of the ways it will soon do that is with a program called Seed to Supper.

“It’s a free gardening class intended for adults living with low income to learn the basics of gardening, growing your own food, and then preparing that food,” Rachel Herman said.

The program is meant to decrease household costs while supplementing food.

“If you’re getting fresh local produce out to people, it will help them with health benefits as well,” Peterson said.

The program teaches people the basics of gardening while giving them the tools they need to do so.

“We start with how to plant the seed, grow the seed, harvest, and then at the end, talk about what kind of recipes you can incorporate your harvest into that is nutritious and healthy for the household.”

The six-week workshop is open to adults who are on a limited income.

Registration is required at (570)556-4757 or [email protected]

Everyone participating will receive a free gardening book, seeds, and other gardening supplies. Class space is limited, and participants should expect to attend all 6 classes.

Interested in learning more about gardening and growing your own food? The Union County Food Hub at The Miller Center…

Posted by Union-Snyder Community Action Agency on Friday, March 4, 2022

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