July 23, 2024


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Lexington man to eat only Taco Bell for 30 days to test validity of ‘healthy fast food’

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) – The teenage desire of a local information creator has led him to embark on an experiment, utilizing his human body as the issue.

“I am location out to eat 30 times straight of almost nothing but Taco Bell in an endeavor to see if I can actually turn out to be healthier though undertaking it.”

Sam Reid is a UVA grad at present dwelling in Lexington who is gearing up for a “super-sized” task starting this Sunday.

In 2016, the athlete-turned-filmmaker examine an posting boasting that Taco Bell was a person was the healthiest rapid meals places to eat.

“I’ll do three foods a working day, so a total of 90 foods, and I am likely to abide by the rule that during the month I have to consume each and every one item on the menu at the very least after,” he claims, explaining the rules for himself.

But can speedy food items really enable you ‘Live Mas’? Nicely, which is accurately what Reid is trying to uncover out.

“My hypothesis is that balanced quick foods can in fact aid you turn into much healthier,” he explains. “I don’t feel it is so a great deal about the kind of food items or the brand of meals, but it’s about creating healthy and knowledgeable decisions when we try to eat.”

Reid will check out a number of physicians all through the experiment to observe his wellness.

“The factors that I’m measuring aren’t just fat. I’m essentially measuring % body unwanted fat, cholesterol, sodium, blood stress, and I’ll be executing some fitness exams as properly to see if I can sustain my stage of bodily fitness.”

Reid desires to use the job as a likelihood to adjust the way persons ‘taco’ ‘bout food items.

“You choose this surprising concept of feeding on very little but Taco Bell for 30 days straight and then you in fact have some top quality content in the center. For me, that high quality written content is people essentially considering about what the marriage they have with their food stuff is like,” he says, referencing the ‘hiding the veggies’ filmmaking solution. “I imagine a lot of men and women concentration on a couple figures like fat, calories in, energy out, experience like they will need to get paid the food stuff that they try to eat. The goal is to start a discussion about getting a healthy romantic relationship with our foodstuff.”

Reid set collectively a Kickstarter marketing campaign to fund his fajitas and will turn the whole working experience into an world-wide-web documentary this fall.

“I hope that normalizes the way we communicate about foodstuff and I think that would be genuinely beneficial for persons to not demonize what they consume or glorify hunting a specified way. It’s much more about the partnership that we have with our food stuff.”

Reid also claims, if his Kickstarter reaches $1,500, he will end the experiment at the Flagship Taco Bell Cantina on the Las Vegas Strip.

The experiment will get underway July 24 and conclude August 22.

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