July 17, 2024


World's finest Food

Kosher market and deli named Bubbies set to open, Hope St. Providence

PROVIDENCE — After three-plus months of pop-ups, Bubbie’s Market and Deli will fully open on Sunday.

“We are the busiest store that isn’t open,” said Jeffrey Ingber, co-owner with Freda Ronkin of the kosher Jewish deli. 

Since they unlocked their back door for limited Passover grocery shopping on March 3, business has been steady while they renovated the store. There have been plenty of calls of, “Can I swing by and get something?” said Ingber.

What can shoppers and diners expect on Sunday?

“They can walk through the front door; that’s a big change,” Ingber said.

Co-owners Jeffrey Ingber and Freda Ronkin show off a corned beef sandwich that will be available with other deli items Sunday at the opening of Bubbie's Market and Deli in Providence.

Providence’s only kosher market & deli

Inside at 727 Hope St., shoppers will find a kosher grocery store with 1,000 items including dry goods, specialty sauces, candies and international foods. Those include Israeli ingredients of seasonings, spices and barbecue sauce as well as Madras curry sauce from India.

There will be a lineup of kosher, vegetarian, small-batch artisanal cheeses from The Cheese Guy. He makes 45 styles, including Romano and Parmesan.