June 13, 2024


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Common Black Ground Beetles throughout store; Chester County restaurant inspections | Restaurant Inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Caln Township

Wayback Burgers, 3483 East Lincoln Highway, follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. Numerous floor tiles under the cookline are missing.

Coatesville City

Rite Aid, 128 Airport Rd., complaint, Aug. 27. Pass. Several water damaged ceiling tiles throughout the store. A few Common Black Ground Beetles throughout the store.

Rock’n J BBQ, 146 Ash Rd., Aug. 27. Pass. Handles on hand washing sink were damaged. Facility has certified food manager but they are not registered with the Chester County Health Department.

Coatesville Community Markets, 266 East Lincoln Highway, follow-up, Aug. 25. Pass. Condensate leak at freezer and damaged floor tiles.

Rosie’s Kettle Corn, 211 Glenrose Rd., Aug. 21. Pass. No violations.

East Brandywine Township

Hopewell Troop #8 Boys Scouts of America, 1214 Horseshoe Pike, Aug. 21. Pass. No violations.

East Caln Township

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, 1086 East Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 21. Pass. No violations.

East Goshen Township

Canteen Vending at Mars, 1301 Wilson Dr., Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

Flavia Café at Mars, 1301 Wilson Dr., Aug. 23. Pass. Leak at the right faucet of the hand wash sink located by the ice machine. The wash dial at the mechanical dishwasher is in disrepair. Accumulation of debris along the ceiling vent cover located above the mechanical dishwasher. 

Easttown Township

Handel’s Ice Cream, 576 Lancaster Ave., Aug. 24. Fail. Cups with candies are being stacked on top of each other with no covering, or lids. Food dispensing utensil in gummy worm containers stored in the food and not with handle above the top of the food and the container. Prepackaged Ice cream pops, and sandwiches are not labeled properly with the name of product, ingredient statement, net weight, distributed by statement and/or nutritional facts and allergens. The floor under the ice machine and under the bain marie needs to be cleaned. The ice cream mixer peddle and the ice cream mixer machine floor need to be cleaned. Wet wiping cloths near the front hand sink area, not being stored in sanitizer solution. The chlorine concentration in the sanitizing solution of the three-bay ware wash sink was 0 parts per million, rather than 50-100 ppm as required. Food facility is reusing utensils, which is intended to be a single-service or single-use article.

Karen Adams Catering at Neopolitan Deli, 1022 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 27. Pass. No violations.

Neopolitan Delicatessen, 1022 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 27. Pass. No consumer advisory has been placed on the menu for any potentially hazardous food items which are not cooked thoroughly, such as sunny-side up eggs. The deli slicer and milkshake machine are not being fully cleaned every four hours while in use. The hole in the basement wall leading to the outside over the reach-in refrigerator must be repaired. A utility sink or curbed cleaning facility with a floor drain is not provided in the food facility. Cheese stored in retail beverage cooler with food for sale. Hot dogs in the reach-in freezer across from the griddle were stored open with no covering preventing ice from entering the container. 

East Whiteland Township

Dollar Tree, 225 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 26. Fail. The hand wash sink located in the restroom area does not have water at a temperature of at least 100 degrees F. Wall in the back room severely damaged by pooling water and mold growth. Provide weather strip and door swept on storage room exterior door in order to limit the door gap. Clean and sweep the floors in the back storage room. Condensation from A/C unit is pooling beneath the unit and stagnating to cause mold and foul odors in the back room and throughout the store. Mops are not being hung to air dry. Severely dented, distressed canned items in the aisle intended for use or sale in the food facility. 

Mino Group Inc., 321 West Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 25. Pass. No violations.

Dairy Queen, 235 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

Honey Brook Borough

Wawassan Post Home Association, 4820 Horseshoe Pike PO Box 123, Aug. 26. Pass. Shelves in reach-in need cleaning.

Honey Brook Fire Co., 679 Firehouse Ln. PO Box 408, Aug. 24. Pass. No violations.

Speedyz, 4621 Horseshoe Pike, Aug. 24. Pass. Deli lunch meats without date information. Open display case for grab-n-go cold sandwiches at 50 degrees F rather than 41 degrees F or below as required. Sandwich refrigerator has plastic on sides of equipment designed to protect equipment from scratches during shipping and installation. Grab-and-go hot sandwiches, fried food and cold sandwiches without ingredient label information. Floor in the walk-in refrigerator is in disrepair.

Kennett Square Borough

Canter Hill Farm, 401 Birch St., Aug. 27. Pass. No violations.

Flying Plow Farm, 401 Birch St., follow-up, Aug. 27. Pass. No violations.

Kennett Brewing Company, 109 South Broad St. Suite 2, Aug. 27. Fail. At least one kitchen employee must obtain a certified food manager certificate within 60 days. Clean interior and exterior of ice machine. Clean floor and walls around cooking equipment. Clean water heater. Clean stove and deep fryer. Clean walk in shelving and floor. Restroom hot water was 93 degrees F.

Letty’s Tavern, 201 East State St., Aug. 26. Fail. Cheeses and sauces were not properly iced. Single use deli style containers are being re-used. Certified food manager not employed. Clean top of dishwasher and floor under the deep fryer. Supply chlorine test strips and use daily at the dishwasher to ensure 50 to 100 parts per million chlorine is detected at the rinse cycle. Bar soda gun nozzle was dirty. Condensate line in the walk in cooler is leaking. Cutting boards stored on floor near dishwasher.

Kennett Township

Tavern 52, 329 Kennett Pike, follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. No violations.

London Britain Township

896 Pie, 1551 New London Rd., Aug. 25. Pass. Container of bleach and water sanitizing solution more than 200 parts per million. Cardboard covering shelves inside the walk-in units. Container of cooked green peppers on the table to the left of the pizza preparation area at 125 degrees F. 

London Grove Township

Avon Grove Sports Boosters, 257 East State St., Aug. 24. Pass. Provide paper towels to the handwashing sink. The One door back-up refrigerator for beverage storage is not holding temperature. At several of the sinks in the men’s and women’s toilet rooms by the Stadium, the hot water is turned off. Inside and top of freezer, above hot dog rollers and inside of the two-door reach in the refrigerator needs cleaning.

Lower Oxford Township

Bravo Pizza, 601 Commons Dr., Aug. 24. Pass. Sanitizing solution concentration less 200 parts per million at the three-bay sink. Employee sliced and touched raw onions with bare hands. No labels were provided for the individually grab and go packaged Snickers Cheesecake inside the counter-top refrigerator to the left of the fountain soda machine.

Malvern Borough

Bawarchi Biryanis, 365 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 27. Fail. Grocery bags are being used to store food (with direct contact with the bag). Water leaks from under the handles of the hand sink at the cook line. Wall at the right end of the cook line is damaged. Light fixture hanging out of ceiling near back door needs repaired.

Brothers Catering Co., 4345 White Horse Rd., follow-up Aug. 27. Pass. No violations.

Culinart at The Phelps School, 583 Sugartown Rd., Aug. 26. Pass. The Continental refrigerator is out of order. Improper procedure in place to manually ware wash food-contact equipment as the equipment isn’t being thoroughly rinsed before sanitizing. 

Panera Bread Bakery Café, 5 Morehall Rd., Aug. 25. Pass. Employee clothing and personal items on prep table while chicken was being prepped. Facility does not have a certified food manager certificate. Clean the floors under the smoothie station, bagel station, dishwasher and three-compartment sink, walk-in cooler and freezer and near the drive-thru station. Clean on top of the dishwasher. Employee used a gloved hand to wipe their face and resumed the task without removing the gloves and washing their hands. Chicken Noodle and Chicken Rice soup was held at 122 to 128 degrees F, in the hot holding area, rather than 135 degrees F or above as required. Mold in the ice machine.

Sage Atwater Senior Living, 900 Atwater Dr., Aug. 25. Pass. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dust, debris, crumb, and splash. The sink located at the second floor independent living cafe shall be equipped with a stationary soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser.

Strawberry Bakery, 365 West Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 25. Pass. No violations.

East Star Chinese Restaurant, 81 Lancaster Ave Suite 3, follow-up, Aug. 24. Severely dented, and distressed canned items in dry storage intended for use or sale in the food facility. Several raw animal foods (chicken and beef) were stored above vegetables and cooked breaded chicken in the walk in cooler. Several soy sauce containers and containers with raw meat were stored in the walk in cooler without coverings or lids. Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the walk in cooler, is not being date marked. Ceiling tiles in the kitchen are perforated and not easily cleanable. 

Wood/Sodexo, 600 Vanguard Blvd., Aug. 24. Pass. Air screen grab and go not in good repair. Under counter reach-in units not working. Facility does not have a certified food manager.

Gong’s Market, 81 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

Pennsylvania Distilling Company, 50 Three Tun Rd., Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

Queen of Hearts Catering, 193 Pennsylvania Rd., Aug. 23. Pass. An open, uncovered employee’s beverage container in main kitchen food preparation area. Container of whole milk stored in reach in cooler past manufactures date. Heavy ice buildup in reach in freezer in back prep room with hand sink. Mold-like growth on wall ledge behind three-bay sink. One light out above cook line.

Sheraton Great Valley, 707 Lancaster Ave., Aug. 23. Pass. Wet wiping cloths in kitchen area, being stored in sanitizer solution which lost its efficacy. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration in bar area for chlorine sanitizing dish machine. Unlabeled chemical bottle stored on the drain board of the three compartment sink. The hand wash sink in the dishwashing area was blocked by two trash cans and not accessible at all times for employee use. Food preparation table immediately adjacent to an unshielded hand sink. Burgers are served raw or undercooked to the customer’s request; however, a written consumer advisory (on the menu, table tent, or placard) is not provided to the consumer. Buildup in soda nozzle in the bar area. Soap and paper towels were not available at the hand wash sink in the bar area. Multiple TCS foods cold held at 44 degrees F for an unknown duration in the micro-market refrigerator rather than at 41 F or below as required. Chlorine chemical sanitizer residual detected in the final sanitizer rinse cycle of the low temperature sanitizing dishwasher was 0 parts per million, and not 50-100 ppm as required. The floor and ceiling tiles in the dry storage area are not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil.

Sunrise Assisted Living of Paoli, 324 Lancaster Ave., Aug. 23. Pass. Provide 160 F thermo-labels at the high-temperature dishwasher to ensure proper sanitizing temperature in the final rinse cycle. Clean and sanitize the deli slicer. Thoroughly clean the floors throughout the kitchen. Facility doesn’t have certified food manager. The commercial toaster is broken so a residential toaster is in use. Clean the racks within the walk-in refrigerator.

New Garden Township

Gigante International Food Market, 8847 Gap Newport Pike, follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. Faucet taped due to leak.

Sweet Magnolia Bakery Truck, 7 Hoopes Dr., Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

North Coventry Township

Wawa, 260 West Schuylkill Rd., follow-up, Aug. 26. Fail. The facility does not employ a certified employee as required. There is some grime building up on the floor of the walk-in freezer that needs to be cleaned. In the women’s restroom, in the non-handicapped bathroom stall, the toilet flush sensor is falling off the wall.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

Parkesburg Borough

RDV Convenience Store, 214 West First Ave., follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

Phoenixville Borough

Dim Sum Court, 236 Bridge St., Aug. 25. Pass. Raw eggs stored above ready to eat food in walk-in cooler. Two bulk dry food ingredient storage containers, in the kitchen area, not labeled with the common name of the food. Knives stored in between bain marie and food prep table. Ice buildup on fan cover above uncovered food in one door reach in freezer at end of service line. To go single use containers used as scoops in ice tea container at waitress station, and bulk dry goods bins in kitchen. Employee toilet room is not provided with a covered waste receptacle for sanitary napkins. Dry storage area in basement floor under any and all equipment must be smooth, non-porous and easily cleanable.

Black Horse Tavern, 1303 Charlestown Rd., Aug. 24. Fail. Cups were being used as scoops throughout the facility. A bag of onions stored in a bin on the floor of the walk-in cooler, rather than six inches off of the floor as required. No test strips were available to test the sanitizing solution concentration. Floors throughout the kitchen need to be cleaned and the floor in the dry storage area near the doors leading outside needs to be swept. There are several damaged ceiling tiles in the dry storage area near the door leading outside that need to be replaced, and there is one water damaged ceiling tile in the ladies’ room that needs to be replaced. Several spray bottles of cleaning chemicals were in the kitchen without being marked with the common name of the chemical. In the bar area, cleaning equipment and bottles of steramine tablets were in the hand sink. Paper towels were not available at either the kitchen or bar hand sinks. In the kitchen area, in the double-door refrigerator, multiple containers of prepared food that had been held in refrigeration for over 24 hours were not properly date marked. In the bar area, a food employee was touching cut lemons a ready-to-eat food, with bare hands. The inside of the kitchen ice bin, especially the inside and back of the lid have black grime building up. The cutting blade of the tabletop can opener has some buildup. The outside of the fryer and the equipment around the fryer has a buildup of oil and grime. The outside of all equipment (microwaves, etc) on the cook line has a buildup of grime and is sticky to the touch. The leftmost freezer in the row of three freezers has a spill in the inside bottom that needs to be cleaned. In the bar area, both soda gun holsters need to be cleaned or replaced. The dumpster is missing a drain plug. Two dented cans of sauerkraut in the can storage area. 

Palermo’s Pizza, follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. Facility had to present a certified food manager application.

Pocopson Township

Lenape Pizza, 1410 Lenape Rd., follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. No violations.

Radnor Township

Handels Homemade Ice Cream, 576 Lancaster Ave., Aug. 25. Pass. No violations.

South Coventry Township

Bucktown Grille, 2088 Pottstown Pike, Aug. 27. Pass. Food items stored directly on the ground outside of the mobile unit rather than six inches off of the floor as required. Thermometers were not present in any of the cooler units. Test strips not available on-site to test sanitizer. Food facility was found reusing a plastic cup as a scoop for the salt. A stem-probe thermometer was not available on-site.

Tredyffrin Township

Daylesford Crossing, 1450 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. No violations.

Sushi Nami Japanese Kitchen, 35 West Lancaster Ave., Aug. 27. Fail. Ansul tags dated December 2019. Cook line spice rack containers and squeeze bottles, a food contact surface, had food residue and build up and was not clean to sight and touch. The light intensity in the hallway lower level dry storage area is not at least 10 foot candles. Hole in wall at lower level stair well. Loose flor tread at the top of the steps. Facility will be required to provide a HACCP Plan as it relates to sushi operations, ph meter instructions / materials including distilled water and calibration solution, bamboo wrap guidelines, and fresh fish delivery conformation temperatures. Employee eating on cook line. Large four-foot pork belly food thawing at room temperature which is not an approved thawing method in the lower level prep room. Soup kettle placed in two door True freezer in containers greater than 4 inches deep, which is not a proper cooling method. Raw chicken was stored above ready to eat food. Rice utensils stored in a container of water which is not maintained at 135 degrees F. Facility will be required to submit a daily, routine cleaning schedule to the department, post in lower level kitchen for staff to see. Lights are not shielded or shatter proof in lower level dry storage hallway. Facility had expired whole milk. Upper level ice dispenser with a single use rather than a scoop with handle. Dishes and utensils in the hand wash sink on cook line, indicating uses other than hand washing. 

Wood/Sodexo, 455 Devon Park Dr., Aug. 24. Pass. The light intensity in the food preparation area is not at least 50 foot candles located in the back of house kitchen. Facility does not have a certified food manager. Delfield reach in by fryer is not working. Walk-in freezer insulation wrap at condensation line is torn.

Acme Markets, 700 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Aug. 23. Pass. No violations.

McDonald’s, 260 West Swedesford Rd., emergency response. Aug. 21. Pass. No violations.

Uwchlan Township

Spatola’s Pizza, 401 West Uwchlan Ave., Aug. 24. Pass. The handwashing sink nearest the cookline has not pressurized hot or cold water. Potentially hazardous foods prepared on site and commercially processed ready to eat food, located in the walk-in, and held more than 24 hours, is not being marked with the date it was opened. Thermometer for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible. The soda cabinet base is leaking. The wallboard behind the panini grill has splatter. The wallboard near the open drain below the prep sink has splatter.

Chester Springs Creamery, 521 East Uwchlan Ave., Aug. 26. Pass. No violations.

West Caln Township

Wagontown Volunteer Fire Co., Aug. 24. Pass. Dishwasher not working properly and not dispensing water adequately. A rubber mat under deep fryer caused the floor area to become dirty with grease. The facility needs a registered certified food manager.

West Chester Borough

Chickie & Pete’s Einstein Brothers Bagels, 700-705 S New St., opening, Aug. 26. Pass. Submit a copy of nationally recognized food manager certificate.

Saxby’s Coffee, 701 South High St., Aug. 23. Pass. Replace ceiling tile in kitchen. Clean both return air vent covers in the kitchen ceiling. Facility needs to submit certified food manager certificate. Provide at QT 40 test strips to use with Multi Quat Santizer.

West Goshen Township

Rey Azteca Mexican Restaurant, 1257 West Chester Pike, follow-up, Aug. 25. There is no Chester County Certified Food Manager enlisted at this facility. 

Wayback Burgers, 1107 West Chester Pike, follow-up, Aug. 24. Fail. Clean the floors throughout the facility. Facility does not have a certified food manager. In back of house kitchen, hand soap dispenser has been removed from above the three-bay sink but it hasn’t been remounted above or beside the hand wash sink. Repair the leak from the right-hand-side faucet of the three-bay sink. Open packages of bulk sliced cheese, tomatoes and beef in refrigerated storage without date labels. Clean the interior of the bain marie and milkshake refrigerator. Clean the shelves in the walk-in freezer.

West Pikeland Township

Hallman’s General Store, 1600 Pikeland Rd., Aug. 26. Pass. No violations.

West Sadsbury Township

Dunkin Donuts, 760 Commons Dr., follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. No violations.

West Whiteland Township

Collegium Charter School, 486 Thomas Jones Way, Aug. 27. Pass. No violations.

Collegium Charter School, 500 James Hance Ct., Aug. 26. Pass. Raw eggs stored above ready to eat food products.

Collegium Charter School, 535 James Hance Ct., Aug. 26. Pass. No violations.

Asian Halal & Shagun Palace, 4 Tabas Ln Unit G & H, follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. Accumulation of debris along the hood in the main kitchen.

Sal Bazar, 4 Tabas Ln., follow-up, Aug. 24. Pass. No violations.

Sabatino’s Mobile Pizza, 901 East Boot Rd., Aug. 23. Pass. A can of cheese stored, open, in the original metal can.