May 28, 2024


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Cenla man starts food truck after pandemic forces him to shutdown his bar

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) – It’s tough for businesses during the pandemic, but one local man is finding a way to keep on rolling after his business shut down.

a sandwich sitting on top of a picnic table: "That's Nachobizness" Food Truck serves up street tacos at the Main Street Food Truck Park in Pineville.

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“That’s Nachobizness” Food Truck serves up street tacos at the Main Street Food Truck Park in Pineville.

It was a steady day of business at the Main Street Food Truck Park in Pineville on Wednesday, Feb. 3. Nathan Gallineau served up his unique menu to customers, one ordered the “Motherclucker”. But just like his menu, Gallineau’s story is unique.


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“Going from a bar to this is completely different,” said Gallineau.

Back in May, Gallineau had to shut down his bar in Alexandria, the “Moonshine Saloon.” He said the shutdown during the pandemic was too much for his business.

“The coronavirus does kill people, I understand that. But as a small business owner and you aren’t getting any help and you put your life and everything into that business and you have to be shut down…that hurts,” said Gallineau.

So, he decided to take the hospitality business on the road. He opened up “That’s Nachobizness” on Halloween. Starting something new can be spooky, but he’s optimistic about the future.

“Glad I moved to something different, something better,” he said.

It’s long days for Gallineau. It’s a 5:45 a.m. start time to begin preparing the day’s food. He usually takes a break from the truck to pick up his daughter around midday, then starts cooking up for a second shift. But, the best part of the new gig for him is it’s “Nachobizness”, it’s his.

“I love to cook, so this is so much better to me than the bar industry. I can choose my own hours, I can go anywhere I want to,” he said.

But, even though the road was bumpy at times, he’s just glad he got on it.

“Make people happy with food. You get that instant gratification when you see someone eat your food,” he said.

You can find the food truck’s locations by visiting the “That’s Nachobizness” Facebook page.

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