July 23, 2024


World's finest Food

Amjad Khalid’s Dough Central Connects People Through Food

Food connects us all. It connects us to each other, to our own pasts and

identities/memories, and to the larger world around us. We can think of these

connections as going both inwards and outwards, so that food can take us into

exploring ourselves as well as the impact that we as individuals might have on other

people, economies, ecologies, and society. Food has been our basic language and the

reason the world connects. It lights up our mood when we are sharing a meal with our

loved ones. It’s a way we have shared foods throughout history and it’s a language that

connects us all. No matter what language we speak Hindi, Chinese, or English we can

stir the pot and cook something that we can all enjoy. Sharing foods and recipes is the

common language we all understand, even dating back in our history when people

were trading spices.

Amjad Khalid is an experienced restaurateur who is the owner and founder of Dough

Central, a top-notch establishment for some of the finest pizza in the city. Located in

Colliers Wood, South London, Dough Central serves great tasting pizza, while adding

in spices from all around the world. Khalid is building off of his successful restaurant,

which was a family-owned Indian restaurant banquet hall that has been booming

since its inception in 2015.

Dough Central is best known for their signature pizzas, they are a reflection of

Khalid’s love of travel, convenience, and great tasting food. The most popular dish at

Dough Central is the Smokehouse pizza, it has ingredients that highlight the flair of

the American Southwest. The pizza has a smokey barbecue base, pepperoni, beef, red

onion, sweetcorn, crispy onions, topped off with a drizzle of barbecue sauce. Another

customer favorite is the Chipotle Ole Pizza, it has some of the best ingredients used in

Mexican cuisine. If you are looking for something more classical, Dough Central has

great subs, such as the Philly Cheesesteak sub, the Charcuterie sub, and the turkey


The waffles are also delicious such as the Oreo Dream Waffle, the Hella Nutella

Waffle, and the Banoffee Pie Waffle. And of course, there is an amazing assortment of

drink options such as white wine, red wine, beer, and cider.

Khalid has been so successful in the restaurant world because he is constantly

innovating by trying to improve the menu at Dough Central. He keeps a close tabs on

what is trending in London, as well as the entire UK. He enjoys switching the base of

the pizza at his restaurant to really draw the attention of his customers. If you are in

South London, stop by Dough Central.