Day: July 7, 2021

Redmond offers up a fantastic new bakery and a Chinese restaurant with 150-day-old chickens

Olivier Dispas had a 20-year career with Microsoft, working in Africa, the Bay Area, then in Redmond starting in 2007. As a senior director at Microsoft’s headquarters, he was in charge of billions of dollars of business each year, according to his LinkedIn. 

Two years ago, Dispas retired. On a recent weekend, he was bussing tables at a bakery.

When Dispas stopped working in tech, he says he wanted “to do something drastically different.” And he’d been missing the great croissants and bread he grew up eating in his hometown of Brussels. So he went to Paris to go to

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Entertainment Design Alumni

And in the meantime, life and its invisible pressures have not let up. If you have been already hurting going into this 12 months, you nearly definitely harm so much worse now. The Station North Arts District is house to an unimaginable array of Black artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Indeed, the Nineteen Seventies marked the arrival of African American artists and entertainers into mainstream arts tradition. Their performances fostered a sense of satisfaction and identity in the black neighborhood.

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88 Marketplace is an Asian food wonderland hidden just west of Chinatown

Just west of Chinatown, the historic neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, a strangely shiny building has landed along a row of old brick warehouses.

Jefferson Square takes its name from the building’s street address. Technically it stands in East Pilsen. To the outsider, little reveals that the glass-fronted facade hides an Asian food wonderland, with what’s touted as the largest Chinese supermarket in the city.

88 Marketplace sprawls across the second floor of the cavernous center. When the store celebrated its grand opening last year on the auspicious date of Aug. 28 (eight is a lucky number in

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