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When is McDonald’s Szechuan sauce coming back?

IN 1998, McDonald’s released a sauce for their nuggets called Szechuan sauce, as part of a promotion for the Disney movie Mulan.

The sauce was loosely based on real Chinese Szechuan sauce, and ever since its initial release, die-hard fans have begged McDonald’s to bring it back.

The sauce will be available on the McDonald's app when you order McNuggets


The sauce will be available on the McDonald’s app when you order McNuggetsCredit: Getty – Contributor

When is McDonald’s Szechuan sauce coming back?

The sauce is making a limited-time reappearance on the McDonald’s menu on March 31, 2022, while supplies last.

There’s a catch though; you can only order the Szechuan sauce through the McDonald’s app.

You can choose one as your sauce choice when you order McNuggets, and you can order up to 5 more packs a la carte.

The Szechuan sauce is sweet and sticky, with light spice from soy, sesame seed oil, and ginger, to make it stand out from McDonald’s sweet and sour or BBQ sauces.

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Why is McDonald’s bringing back Szechuan sauce?

This isn’t the first return of the dipping sauce.

It was also featured for a limited time in 2017 when the animated series Rick and Morty featured a character who fawned over the condiment.

This led to a petition for the fast-food chain to bring it back.

They brought it back for one day only, and the chain underestimated how much the fans would want the Szechuan.

Some fans of the sauce camped out, while others rioted over the sauce, according to Business Insider.

McDonald’s issued an apology for their lack of preparedness and promised to do right, bringing the sauce back with more availability in 2018.

The sauce will be available until the fast-food chain runs out


The sauce will be available until the fast-food chain runs outCredit: McDonald’s

How can I try the Szechuan sauce before it’s gone?

Make sure you download the McDonald’s app and place your order through it if you want to catch the sauce before it disappears again.

The sauce will officially become available on the app on March 31, 2022.

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