May 24, 2024


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This Texas food critic just offered a pretty genius Whataburger hack

Necessity is the mother of invention, especially when it comes to the sacred art of spicing up lackluster fast food. 

Texas-based food reviewer and YouTuber Mikey Chen recently took to Whataburger and embarked on a mountainous feat: Trying almost everything on the menu. 

In between slamming Whataburger’s offerings’ inability to travel well and basking in the glory of a Whataburger with cheese and jalapeños, Chen may have just dropped a new way to take your Whataburger order to the next level. 

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Chen said, pulling out a honey butter chicken biscuit and simultaneously breaking my heart. “I feel like it’s a bit one-dimensional. It needs a bit of help.” With that, he drizzles a substantial amount of hot oil onto one bite’s worth of the biscuit. 

Hot oil, also known as chili oil, is vegetable oil infused with chili peppers and is particularly popular in Chinese cuisine. 

“If you’ve never had hot oil on a burger, please, please, please try it,” Chen said after adding it to a Whataburger patty melt. 

YouTuber Mikey Chen has a hack to make your Whataburger order even better. 

YouTuber Mikey Chen has a hack to make your Whataburger order even better. 

Screenshot via YouTube/Mikey Chen

“A little heat, a little ‘mami, a little pepperiness… those will completely change the flavor profile of your burger for the much, much, much better.”  

Does everything look a little better with hot oil on it? Yes. Chen even put it on an order of Whataburger pancakes to see how the hot oil would play with the sweetness of the syrup. 

“… It’s like a five out of 10,” Chen said. 

Still not bad.