July 16, 2024


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Taipei Asian Cuisine to open in Pensacola on North Davis this summer

There are a surplus of Chinese takeout restaurants in Pensacola and quite a few more Chinese buffets, but coming up at the end of June, a slightly elevated, sit-down Chinese restaurant will become an option for foodies, courtesy of a well-established local chef and business owner. 

Chuck Nippon, the owner of Nippon Sushi at Cordova Mall, will hit on another one of his entrepreneurial goals when he opens Taipei Asian Cuisine this summer on North Davis Highway. 

“There’s really no nice Chinese dining restaurants here,” Nippon explained Thursday morning. “I wanted to have a really nice, clean and classic Asian restaurant for local people. So when they want to have some really nice Chinese food, some original food, they have some place to go.” 

Taipei Asian Cuisine at 5912 North Davis Highway in Pensacola will open this summer.

There will be a fusion element to the new restaurant, which will seat more than 150 people when factoring in Taipei’s outdoor seating space. Nippon’s second eatery has been teasing to a grand opening on Facebook for the past few weeks by posting snippets of its menu

“What I want to do, because I’m from Taiwan, and Taiwan has a long history with Japan, so that’s why I call it Asian cuisine because there will be a combination of Chinese and Japanese food,” he said. “So if you like Asian food you can always get some of this, some of that to make your stomach feel comfortable.”