Black-eyed peas, grapes and other foods to eat on New Year’s Eve 2021

Some foods are just plain lucky to eat on New Year’s Eve. What associates these dishes with good fortune, exactly? That’s tough to pinpoint, but much of the answer has to do with symbolism and superstition.

It also has to do with a human tradition of eating something special, like a birthday cake, to mark the passage of time. So what will people be biting into at the top of 2020 to set them up for success? We talked to food historians Megan Elias, food writer and director of the gastronomy program at Boston University, and Linda Pelaccio, who

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‘New Year’s Eve is like our Super Bowl’

By 5 p.m. New Year’s Eve, the dining room at Beijing House in Norwell will not be packed with people.

Instead, it will be wall-to-wall paper bags filled with those red and white takeout boxes.

The restaurant’s three phones will ring endlessly.

Workers will move nonstop to keep up with demand, turning out more than 500 orders as a line of hungry revelers snakes outside the front door.

bb.q Chicken: Korean fried chicken chain restaurant is coming to North Quincy

“New Year’s Eve is like our Super Bowl,” said Ching Puskarich, who has owned and managed Beijing House for 26

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18 Brockton-area restaurants where you can get your Chinese food fix on New Year’s Eve

BROCKTON — If you’re one of those people who thinks it just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without Chinese food, you are not alone.

And you’ve got plenty of tasty options in the Brockton area.

Lisa Wong, owner and manager of the Maui Restaurant in Brockton, said she expects the restaurant to do five to six times more orders on Dec. 31 than on a regular day.

“We’ll do in one day what we do in a week,” she said.

Wong said she doesn’t know how the tradition of eating Chinese food on New Year’s Eve started, but she’s glad

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Best New Years Eve Takeout Delivery from DC-Area Restaurants

Fried chicken and caviar at Bantam King. Photograph by Veronika Sabir-Idrissi

Bad Saint
3226 11th St., NW
The modern Filipino restaurant in Columbia Heights will be open for takeout and delivery from 5:30 to 9 PM. The weekly a la carte menu will be posted on Tuesday, December 28, and guests can order online. Look for a variety of big dishes (i.e. lechon, whole fried snapper), small shares, and fun wines. 

Bantam King
501 G St., NW
Fried chicken, caviar, cake, and Champagne. What more could you need? The Chinatown ramen shop is offering a bunch of packages with

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