Ha:l squash, membrillos, Quitobaquito figs: Mission Garden’s guide to seasonal produce in Tucson | eat

There are few places as undeniably Tucson as Mission Garden. The plants that grow here, that have been cultivated to grow here, that thrive here, are the most distinctive features of our own setting, yet can be the easiest to overlook.

A leading objective of Mission Garden is to keep history alive in the heritage crops of every community that has thrived here, from the Hohokam to Chinese immigrants in the 19th century through today. But when you spend time at Mission Garden, you will viscerally react against the word “preserve”: preservation can conjure images of organs suspended in formaldehyde,

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Forget boring salsa, trendy Mexican chile crisp is elevating Tucson food | eat

Some of us remember a time when we had space in our fridge; Before it became a museum of fried chile products from all over the world. It was a simple time, before the obsession started, when food tasted delicious but somehow not crunchy enough. And everything lacked that lustrous oil, staining your fingers with its beautiful red hue. 

Let’s call that era B.C.C.: before chile crisp. The life-changing condiment has been around for centuries, but most people around here can remember the first time they tasted it. Maybe it was given to you by an overzealous friend (perhaps me)

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Armenian street food makes good use of savory flatbread | Tucson Restaurant News

The key to making quality lahmacun is its meat, highly seasoned with Middle Eastern spices.

In virtually every culture around the world, there’s some kind of risen dough, rolled out into disks, topped with a savory something and then baked.

It’s food at its most elemental, isn’t it? Just the basics of wheat and meat, quick to prepare, quick to bake and satisfying to eat.

All of us know pizza, America’s favorite flatbread. Whether you like it simply topped or loaded with everything, pizza is a reliable crowd-pleaser however

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