The #1 Best Thai Takeout Order, Says Dietitian

Similar to menus at American-Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants have something for every type of eater. Of course, the go-to classic of pad thai might be one of the yummiest choices. But if you are looking to order something healthy and filling, you will need to choose differently. Given the larger portions at most Thai restaurants, my suggestion for the best Thai takeout order is slightly different.

First, I suggest ordering two appetizers as your main instead of one entree. Two appetizers will keep portions in check while simultaneously keeping your taste buds excited. For diners with no dietary restrictions, the

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Where to Get Best Super Bowl Takeout Delivery Around DC 2022

Buffalo chicken pierogi at Rogi. Photo courtesy of Rogi.

1250 9th St., NW
One of DC’s best pizza spots is ready for the big game with a special Super Bowl Italiano menu of game day eats. The limited-time offerings include fried wings with feta-ranch dipping sauce, huge cold cut party subs, and square grandma-style pizzas. To preorder, email . Pick up will be available on February 13, from 2 PM until 5 PM (Shaw location only).

Pennyroyal Station
3310 Rhode Island Ave, Mt. Rainier
Chef Jesse Miller is dishing up watch-party-sized servings of his signature comfort food from

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Dear Abby: I told friend I’m sick of the takeout served at Thanksgiving table

DEAR ABBY: When a friend of mine “makes dinner” for invited guests, it’s either takeout Chinese food or delivered pizza. Frankly, I am sick of it. Last Thanksgiving, they invited me and several others over for dinner. You guessed it! Chinese food. I told my friend I was surprised and not in the mood for Chinese food, offered my apologies and left. We didn’t talk for four months.

This past year I was again invited to Thanksgiving dinner. I declined and, when asked why, said, “I’m sick and tired of what is being offered.” The response was, “Then I guess

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Best New Years Eve Takeout Delivery from DC-Area Restaurants

Fried chicken and caviar at Bantam King. Photograph by Veronika Sabir-Idrissi

Bad Saint
3226 11th St., NW
The modern Filipino restaurant in Columbia Heights will be open for takeout and delivery from 5:30 to 9 PM. The weekly a la carte menu will be posted on Tuesday, December 28, and guests can order online. Look for a variety of big dishes (i.e. lechon, whole fried snapper), small shares, and fun wines. 

Bantam King
501 G St., NW
Fried chicken, caviar, cake, and Champagne. What more could you need? The Chinatown ramen shop is offering a bunch of packages with

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