A rabbi, a clown and a sushi chef walk into a restaurant. They’re here to celebrate Purim

At Scottsdale’s newest kosher restaurant, a sushi chef quietly worked behind a counter stacked with a pile of triangular cookies. The chef had been at Fata Morgana since it opened in the back corner of a long strip mall off Scottsdale Road in January. But the cookies were a new offering.

Co-owner Bar Timi began ordering them a few weeks ago in preparation for the Jewish holiday Purim, which begins the evening of March 16 this year.

Stuffed with apricot jelly or sweet fillings like chocolate, the triangle-shaped hamantashen are given as gifts during the holiday, which while not as

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New bakeries, new MB sushi and Chinese noodles, and other dining news

Dash For Dash Dashi: After three years of delay due to permit problems, Dash Dashi Sushi, Grill, and Sake Bar is open in the former Mama D’s on Manhattan Avenue. The menu includes a wide variety of sashimi, small plates, and inventive rolls, with only a few large entrees. They’re serving lunch and dinner daily. The curious can see their menu at (1127 Manhattan Ave)…

The interior at Dan Modern Chinese Restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Photo by Richard Foss

Hidden Chinese: Thanks to a main entrance that faces the mall, the new Dan Modern Chinese restaurant is about as

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A major sushi chain from Japan comes to Bellevue and 23 other restaurant openings around the Greater Seattle area

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, which boasts 480 branches in Japan, lands in Bellevue in Wilburton Village. More than 50 different kinds of sushi ($2.95 each plate) and other bites make the rounds on the sushi belt. You can also order from the tablet and then watch your tonkotsu ramen and hand rolls ride the “express” conveyor belt. Kids get a thrill out of seeing food on the autobahn belt whizzing by the slowpokes on the regular sushi belt. The seared salmon with Japanese mayo and the “real crab California roll” are among the crowd favorites. Bellevue is Kura

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Explore the latest restaurant openings, including sushi pop-up Ken in San Francisco

Chef Chi Hang Ngai, also known as Chef Ken, is finally opening up his own proper restaurant in San Francisco.

Ngai has worked at Sushi Ran in Sausalito for 10 years and more recently spent five years at Kusakabe, both jobs under chef Mitsunori Kusakabe, before striking out on his own with his new restaurant, Ken, on Divisadero.

It hasn’t been a straight route to opening, however. 

“Right after I told my chef that I decided to open my restaurant, [it was] not even a week and then the city, everything just shut down,” Ngai said of his decision to

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