Dallas Chinese restaurant Hunan Express to reopen in new part of town as Cafe Hunan

A Chinese restaurant with a familiar past is expected to open by early March 2022 on SMU Boulevard in Dallas.

Cafe Hunan is the reincarnated version of Hunan Express, a restaurant that served Chinese food in Dallas from 1997 to 2012 in a small storefront near the Ritz-Carlton in Uptown.

Chinese chicken salad is one of the menu items owner Mark Carey is excited about at Cafe...
Chinese chicken salad is one of the menu items owner Mark Carey is excited about at Cafe Hunan in Dallas.(Lola Gomez / Staff Photographer)

Dallas chef Dean Fearing was a regular at Hunan Express. In a Dallas Morning News story in 2007, Fearing called it a “little dive I

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Action News Top 6: Happy hours in Philadelphia (Part 2)

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — I have shown you where to have a fun time and find a delicious meal, but now I am on the search for a great deal! In this week’s Top 6, you can come along while I check out the best and most affordable happy hours around.

Dim Sum House by Jane G’s in University City surprised me with some of the best traditional Chinese cuisine I have had to date, and I started with a little sip of the Saki Sangria. The Pork and Shrimp Shumai was my absolute favorite, with the Crystal Shrimp Dumplings close

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‘We’re tired of it’: How six Asian Americans are doing their part to fight the rise in AAPI hate

But some Asian Americans haven’t waited for lawmakers to act, countering hate and racism against their communities in ways big and small.

A Chicago restauranteur shows love for his elders by making them delicious meals every week. A Bay Area educator creates online zines to help Asian Americans better understand their histories. A New York food blogger uses her platform to help vulnerable Asians pay for cab rides in the city.

CNN spoke to six people around the US who are playing a part in protecting and uplifting Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Here are their stories.

A restaurant

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Why healthy food and its local production should be part of the COVID-19 response

When a pandemic hits, questions that immediately arise include what impact there will be on public health, the economy and other aspects of society. Another set of questions involves response priorities for governments and households.

Food is central to both sets of questions. On the one hand, access to sufficient, nutritious food is threatened. On the other, focusing on food offers promising pandemic response options.

Reports from various countries highlight concerns about the impact of COVID-19 and pandemic response measures on food supplies, whether due to shortages, price rises or cash constraints. Even in rich countries, anxiety about possible shortages

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