Bubble tea, Korean fried chicken, Chinese hot pot and more.

Bubble tea, Korean fried chicken, Chinese hot pot and more.

(Palak Jayswal | The Salt Lake Tribune) Honey-garlic boneless chicken wings from ChickQueen at Chinatown Market in South Salt Lake.

While the Chinatown Supermarket in South Salt Lake is known within Utah’s Asian communities for selling hard-to-find products — including authentic Chinese breads and Hong Kong-style barbecue — the shopping center also has many ready-to-eat offerings.

The owners of Salt Lake Chinatown oversee every restaurant that goes into the complex, reviewing menus to make sure there’s as little overlap as possible.

Here are seven

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A guide to the best Korean food in America

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Where To Find Best Korean Food in Every State

Korean Stir-Fried Pork Meat


Asian food has become an all-American culinary trend, and Korean food is no exception. The flavor profiles cover all the bases from sour and savory to sweet and spicy, and menu items range from kimchi and bulgogi to barbecue and even tacos. Here are spots across the country worth trying for great Korean food.

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Recommended dish: kimchi stew

Kimchi finds its way into the standout dish for Alabama’s So Gong Dong. A brothy, scallion-topped stew punctuated by the tang of kimchi is just what reporter Connor Sheets

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A Bucket List of Korean Restaurants to Try in Boston

As a rising sophomore, I can’t help but feel antsy as I count down the days leading up to the start of the fall semester. Like many other students, after spending freshman year on Zoom, I feel I haven’t gotten the full “college experience” yet, full of late-night in-person study sessions with friends, exploring museums or shops near campus, and most importantly: restaurant-hopping to find my new favorite places to eat. With the upcoming year showing promise for opportunities to explore my college town, my taste buds are already tingling with excitement.

Still, I know that the transition from staying

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