Where to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month on Cape Cod

National Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts Sept. 15, is a more than 50-year-old American tradition to celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of citizens whose ancestors came from Spanish-speaking countries.

One delicious way to mark the observance, which continues through Oct. 15, is by enjoying the foods that are part of that heritage — at least somewhat Americanized versions of the dishes. In the Cape Cod restaurant world, that means largely Mexican food, but you also might find some culture-spanning surprises.

The observation started, according to hispanicheritagemonth.gov, in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson. In 1988,

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How Clarice Lam whips up culturally significant confections that highlight her Cantonese heritage

Clarice Lam takes traditional French pastry techniques, a lifetime of global influence and culturally significant ingredients and flavors to create truly original confections that both honor and reflect her unique heritage.

“It’s hard to have Asian representation sometimes because a lot of people aren’t that familiar with Asian

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If Singapore hawkers are Unesco heritage, why not India’s desi street food?

a pan of food on a plate: Hot and fresh samosas at a market in Bangalore.

Hot and fresh samosas at a market in Bangalore.

When Singapore’s hawker centres were recognised by the United Nations in December for their cultural significance, street food lovers across the globe had reason to celebrate.

After a two-year campaign, the UN’s cultural agency Unesco had finally added the world famous open air food courts to its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, thereby confirming what most foodies already knew instinctively to be true – that food with the humblest of origins is often worthy of the highest praise.

But while Singapore was widely seen to have been served

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